JakeF. nails it IMO. hypersensitivity and super opinionated describes this era really well. I'd also like to remark on how much more costume-like fashion and streetwear has become. Along with this absurd surge in cosplaying, adults in general seem to be playing way more dress-up than in any generation prior. A lot of people are going through this strange phase of representing who they think they may look good as, rather than who they actually are. All these people who look like lumberjacks may have never held an axe. And if they didn't, they'd make a point to hold an axe to claim authenticity. Like WTF. In order to [b]be[/b], you must [b]do[/b]. But no one is [b]do[/b]ing anything and everybody is trying to [b]be[/b] something.  Nobody dresses like a prairie farmer, but for some reason people want to dress like prairie farmers or give off the notion that they are gypsies when they in fact are yuppies. This generation may be among the first to experience true non-identity, especially among the wealthiest countries, because in these wealthy areas, no one needs to be anything. No one can be anything. So they seek to attach themselves merely to appearances to find some sort of self-identity/faux spiritual awakening. This is the problem with ID via consumption. You get huge communities of people who just don't know who the fuck they are.

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that is a bape kaws hat if i'm not mistaken smokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyface

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r u guys bots LOL

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Nuclear Throne

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[Image] [Embed content]

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i'd follow her the whole bus ride home get off at her stop and chase her down - but you can't do that. [Embed content]

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I want a cool mug LOL.  You guys have any good ones in mind?

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fuck i haven't had nice shit in a long time

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The Suburbs

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Dawg. your essay just screens you for tard english. it doesn't matter how dramatic your life story is, because more of the decision will be based on your grades and completion of your major.  as long as ur english isn't tard you shouldn't skress 2 much LOL

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I had a big fat crush on this girl.  Asked her to work on group project together.  She said sure.  She hella smart. And hot as fuck.  I asked her out.  She has a boyfriend.  My life has no more meaning.  Im depressed LOL

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Had you been in class on time, none of this shit would have happened.

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If talking to her isn't me watching her mouth move for a goddamn hour, she is bae.

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