Bruh really just named his newborn kid "Sno FilmOn Dot Com Cozart" laughinglaughingsmh [URL]

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[Image] DS2 really the undisputed album of the year.  [Embed content]

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smh [URL] [Image]

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"[color=#141414]Hypebeast's comment section in particular is a breeding ground for group-think and negativity. With dozens of posts a week, the opportunities to try to get a word in are plentiful. And numerous people love to chime in. Most commenters don't bring anything new to the table, but for every "cop" or "easy pass" or "shit's wack," there's at least one witty thing that's actually hilarious. " [URL][/color]

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[Image] [URL] Thug already ended Rich Homie career now he bout to end a rap legend's legacy. Took trolling to a whole new level, modern day 50 cent. Buying the Carter 6 solely because the level of disrespect is so legendary.

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Legit thought i was alone then i found out theres an actual term for it. LIke deadass i always find shit with weird holes in it disgusting and it takes me about a 2 hours to get it out my head

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And remove a vital part of the forum aka sticky threads. wth

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Dudes been killing it. Only heard one bad song from him  [Embed content]

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man who would thought this day would come. I remember like yesterday when my post and join date was hella frail. But i aint never gave up. Countless of times ive been faced with the challenge of having a actual life or joining the ranks of the HB elites . Now i can finally say i chose the right path, im like a prestige in HB. So my advice to all the 2014 members is even though your post and join date is frail never give up, never stop posting and maybe one day you too will reach the 2000 post mark. I just want to thank kevin ma, the hb community, my thumbs, and my macbook. without you guys none of this would be possible. [Embed content]

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but dont pay, is that considered theft/stealing?

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Just was about to get done with this resume then i realized my shit is basic as fuck. I aint really did shit in highschool or college worth writing down. Bout to just lie like hell and write alot of fake volunteer work and clubs i aint never been apart of to spice it up. Praying like hell they wont do background checks

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you heard it hear first HB! if you aint rocking a cape you not a fly nigga [Image]

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Too many KTT members joining HB to go troll and shit. Would rather read 50 threads made by Tracy Jackson then see another gay ass fit from that jamister guy.

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How can Kanye be better than JT when justin never made a flop album? Neither Yeezus or any of kanye's last 4 albums was better than 20/20 experience. Shit FS/LS was better than kanye's last 4 albums.

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