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[Quote] looool had me about to type that into google >smh Fuck a stereotype. Now we got the EDL taking to the streets tryna fuck with any black people they see, its getting wild out here. blinkyeyes

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Seen a lot of stupid shit over the last few days on forums, social network sites and the news so wanted to address it. The riots started over the fatal shooting of a man, who has not been proven to be a drug dealer/gangster. The Police refused to give an immediate and full explanation to the victims family and to peaceful protesters; it was only after the police refused to give a statement that the rioting kicked off. Speaking as a 17 year old Londoner, the youth have been abused over the past 10 years by the Metropolitan Police and before anyone argues that I'm sensationalising, I live in London and have been: - Stop-and-searched without explanation - Stopped and questioned for being in a group outside of a takeaway - Addressed in an obnoxious manner on various occasions by police officers - know of incidents in which people have been assaulted by police officers and yet, I rarely see anyone reporting on this. This shit spread because many youths have had a bad experience with the police or have heard of such abuse; most kids saw the riots and learnt of Mark Duggan's story. Now all I see is upper class reporters telling us of 'mindless thuggery', 'opportunist greed' & 'disgusting acts of violence' as if the rioters are brainless and evil; they neglect to talk to youngsters or question them about the reasons behind this. I can tell you that, for the most part, youths know exactly what they're doing, they're standing up against society and showing that they are underestimated as a group. The current plans in the UK are to cut youth clubs, a large factor in terms of keeping kids off the streets, to at least triple university fees, discouraging many inner city youths away from higher education, and to cut EMA (educational maintenance allowance, a large incentive). A moment ago, I saw the assistant chief constable Gary Shewan say, with a straight-face, that there is no reason to riot..... lolwut? did the police not say that they returned fire and killed a man who shot at them? yet IPCC commissioner Rachel Cerfontayne 'confirmed that the bullet lodged in the MPS radio was a jacketed round which is a police issue bullet... which is consistent with having being fired by an MPS Heckler and Koch MP5 (a police gun)' and that the supposed gun found at the scene was not fired. As for the arson, looting and other general destructive acts, I don't condone any of them and feel fully pissed off to see my city getting fucked up and the reputation of Londoners tarnished but I'm disgusted with the biased media coverage that many people seem to believe is the truth and can understand why many youths felt the need to cause a stir. Furthermore, the rioting and looting in Birmingham, Manchester and so on, is purely based on jumping on the bandwagon and representing for their city.

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