I'm looking for someone to design a simple logo containing the following text: derpVPN Followed by an image almost identical to the bottom left icon found at:[URL] Final logo should look something like: derpVPN[logo] Both the text and logo need to be black, with the 'derp' text being a slightly lighter shade. The logo should look very professional and should have a very slight reflection along the bottom, not unlike what you see in the icon linked above. A sexy, yet professional font should be used!

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Alright I'll try to keep this short. I'm in college and I met this girl at a party last Saturday and we exchanged numbers. I was texting her up a bit and she invited me to a party her friends were throwing on Thursday, but she wanted me to know she had a bf. I said, "Cool, that doesn't change anything", trying to indicate that I wasn't trying to get in between them... and I wasn't. So anyway I roll through the party and she spots me and we start talking. Right off the bat she was really touchy and shit but I just thought she was being that way cuz she was drinking a bit. One thing leads to another and she's taking me upstairs to a bathroom and before we start I ask her if she had a bf to try and let her know what she was doing and she said he broke up with her that morning. Say no more. We fool around a bit, I got some dome but she wasn't down to fuck in a bathroom (but she's down with giving me a bj in one, go figure) so I go home and call it a night.  I text her on Friday and it turns out her boyfriend is coming up for the weekend. I'm like wtf but she insisted they were still broken up but he had to come anyway for a "date party" and that she can't text me until he leaves. I saw pictures of her kissing this guy so it really doesn't seem to me like they're broken up. It seems like shes just a little slut who wanted a new guy to fuck with. I honestly don't care but I feel for this guy she calls her bf, I don't wanna be that scumbag who makes her cheat.  What do I do? I haven't spoken with her since Friday.

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I need someone to photoshop a bear, riding on top of a plane, over a volcano, wearing sunglasses, holding a beer (or some how incorporate beer into the picture), with an american flag cape, with money falling from him or the plane or somehow incorporated also possibly poker chips Do this and if it's actually good I'll give you $50 worth of bitcoin... need it by tomorrow though. Thanks HB fam.

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In ny for only tonight but I have absolutely nothing to do cuz I just came to keep my moms company while she does her thing. Anyway I don't know anybody here and I need somebody to help me get that thun thun thun. Pm me if u willing to help. I'm in Manhattan right now but I'm gonna be stayin at the Bronx.

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Just made an appointment w. the doc for today. My plan is going in there and just telling the truth which is I have a hard time concentrating and keeping my attention on things. I often forget deadlines or places where I'm supposed to be and I have shitty listening skills. Due to all this my grades are suffering and I have had this problem before but the college workload has amplified it. When I actually sit down to try and study I get really irritable and shit and even in my personal life it's affecting me. People always tell me I don't listen to them and that I need to get organized.  Anyone here actually have a script? How hard is it to get one? Lawd knows I need it fam.

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Had a pretty fun time at college for my first semester. Made new friends, fucked new bitches, learned new lessons. College turned out to be pretty similar to what I thought it would be, which is great. I was a little nervous to see what my gpa came out to tho since I slacked off a shitload but I checked the grades this morning and made out with a 3.2 smokeyface. Not bad at all. First half of the year is down and I'm looking forward to see how the Spring will treat me. How did the semester turn out for everyone else?

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Are only girls and gay niggas into tumblr?

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Ok, so here's my situation: My grade in my bus&econ math class is like a 65 because I am and have always been awful at math. I studied hard as shit for my last test and still ended up with an ass grade because I made simple mistakes and the points taken off added up. Apparently the entire class did awful too though so she is giving a homework assignment over break that if we complete, will add on 10 pts to our current grade on the test. I would appreciate any help you guys could give. If you do decide to help, I need work to be shown too. Thanks fam. [Image] For these you need to find the present value: 2. A debt of $2500 due in four years and $4000 due in five years is to be repaid by a single payment of $1500 now and three equal payments that are due each consecutive year from now. If the interest rate is 6 % compounded monthly, how much are each of the equal payments?   3. A owes B two sums of money: $1000 plus interest at 5% compounded annually, which is due in four years, and $2000 plus interest at 6% compounded semiannually, which is due in six years. If both debts are to be paid off by a single payment at the end of five years, find the amount of the payment if money is worth 4% compounded quarterly.  Once again, thanks fam.

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My buddy just got busted last week for underage drinking and he doesn't know whether to take the underage, which is gone from your record at 21, or the disorderly, which sticks with you for 5 years. Both will end up costing about the same amount.  His main concern is will he have to wait longer to get his license now bc of the underage? He's telling me that's the deciding factor but he's unsure of the answer. Anyone here know what's up with it?

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caught an underage today and im just gettin back. honestly fuck campus cops they are such little fuckin pussies. i was drunk af and takin a shit and they snagged me right then and there. niggas cant even take a shit in peace.. i thought this was america god dammit.

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I'm a broke ass college kid and I'm tryin to make some extra cash. I'm startin off real slow though and can't find a client base. I'm actually losing money cuz I smoke my own bud since it doesn't move fast enough. To all my niggas out there grindin: how yall do it?

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Ight yall I'm gonna be straight w you and come out and say it: I have no game at all. Give me some tips on how to stop being a pussy and step my game up so I can give tha dick some moisture

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I'm a freshman in college and I'm seriously considering joining a frat. I've been to a couple frat parties and they were sick and this brother started talking to me about rushing and shit and it all seems pretty cool. For those of u in a frat right now, is it worth it?

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I've been told by practically everyone in my life that I can be anyone I want and do anything I want.. Should I take this as just something nice people of older generations say to the youth or can I really make my dreams become a reality? These are the questions that are currently occupying my thoughts. (obviously) I choose to believe that I'm in charge of what becomes of my life and that I can make my dreams come true if I work hard, but what do YOU think?

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I made this in illustrator by tracing out a sketch I scanned but it looks like trash. I really need this to turn out well. Can u help me out fam?[Image]

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