Whaddup everybody First of all thank you for listening and giving me feedback, I appreciate it.  So a couple months ago I decided to give music production a try but when college rolled around I let myself get buried w/ work and didn't make time to continue practicing.While I was at college I was able to get an M-Audio Axiom 25 for $60 which was a steal so I'm trying to get back into production now that I have all this free time and better gear. This "Majestic" track is my first attempt at music since I got home from college, let me know what yall think, what can be improved, etc.  [URL] [Image] Thanks guys.

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[Quote]This pretty much

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I'm looking for someone to design a simple logo containing the following text: derpVPN Followed by an image almost identical to the bottom left icon found at:[URL] Final logo should look something like: derpVPN[logo] Both the text and logo need to be black, with the 'derp' text being a slightly lighter shade. The logo should look very professional and should have a very slight reflection along the bottom, not unlike what you see in the icon linked above. A sexy, yet professional font should be used!

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instagram.com/xaelm @xaelm I follow back!

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Alright I'll try to keep this short. I'm in college and I met this girl at a party last Saturday and we exchanged numbers. I was texting her up a bit and she invited me to a party her friends were throwing on Thursday, but she wanted me to know she had a bf. I said, "Cool, that doesn't change anything", trying to indicate that I wasn't trying to get in between them... and I wasn't. So anyway I roll through the party and she spots me and we start talking. Right off the bat she was really touchy and shit but I just thought she was being that way cuz she was drinking a bit. One thing leads to another and she's taking me upstairs to a bathroom and before we start I ask her if she had a bf to try and let her know what she was doing and she said he broke up with her that morning. Say no more. We fool around a bit, I got some dome but she wasn't down to fuck in a bathroom (but she's down with giving me a bj in one, go figure) so I go home and call it a night.  I text her on Friday and it turns out her boyfriend is coming up for the weekend. I'm like wtf but she insisted they were still broken up but he had to come anyway for a "date party" and that she can't text me until he leaves. I saw pictures of her kissing this guy so it really doesn't seem to me like they're broken up. It seems like shes just a little slut who wanted a new guy to fuck with. I honestly don't care but I feel for this guy she calls her bf, I don't wanna be that scumbag who makes her cheat.  What do I do? I haven't spoken with her since Friday.

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Also something to consider is the fact that ur priorities and shit change as u age. U can say u don't wanna live that long all you want now, but if u end up starting a family ur def gonna wanna live to spend time with them nd shit.

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The purpose of life is whatever you want it to be. That's the beauty of it mang.

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u late af, b

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EASILY roaches.. I cant do spiders man.

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5'9 in this bitch and [Image]

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Do what u gotta do man. It's $50 bucks and to everyone else if it takes you an hour to make the pic thats $50/hr... a pretty good wage. Just sayin.

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I need someone to photoshop a bear, riding on top of a plane, over a volcano, wearing sunglasses, holding a beer (or some how incorporate beer into the picture), with an american flag cape, with money falling from him or the plane or somehow incorporated also possibly poker chips Do this and if it's actually good I'll give you $50 worth of bitcoin... need it by tomorrow though. Thanks HB fam.

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It all depends on how much money we talkin bout. Shit, I'll cut off my toe for 5 mil or something like that. Y'all niggas trippin.

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