wow. i didn't even realize how much of a work of art this track was a REALLY good read

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lol. souljaboy crank that is pretty catchy, but damn, it sounds like a 14 year old rapping in his basement

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Tools -> Internet Options -> Settings (Under Temporary Internet Files) Maybe you have it clicked "Never" for "Check for newer versions of stored pages"

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it's a pretty good album my favorite track would be flashing lights the good life video is sick though :D

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it looked a lot funnier than it actually was. i was a little bit disappointed

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does anybody else know anything about them?

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damn.. promo only? i was really feelin them smh

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Anybody know anything about the DC King of Series? I don't really own anything by DC, but their King of LA shoe looks pretty nice. Anybody know where they're available?

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yep and i'm pretty sure there's a second one. when i watched the departed, i knew i watched it before :D

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Click here blushing There's a Canada Regional forum here

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that looks pretty sick. i'd like to learn how to do that

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even though you're a horrible liar. i appreciate the pics smokeyface damn it's hot outside

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well the crooks x know1edge watch is coming out. don't know how you like it though

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[Quote] word. i love popeyes. but there are none around my area

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i didn't know there was a difference between the tk version i don't really like this colorway of it anyways

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