1. Paypal only 2. Prices include domestic shipping with delivery confirmation 3. Will trade if you have APC rescues size 32, or Banana Republic Heritage black toggle coat size m (I will include cash to offset any trade imbalance) 4. All measurements are taken with clothes lying flat 5. Feel free to ask any questions NWT Naked and Famous Weird Guy. Size 29. 100% organic cotton. $100 shipped. Waist - 14.75" Rise - 10" Inseam - 34.5" Hem - 7" [Image]

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What's up, I'm looking to buy a pair of black Common Projects in size 45 (which I guess is a 12). Either low tops or mids, I like the tournament model, but I'm open to whatever. I don't mind if they aren't new, as long as they're in good shape. I can pay with paypal, pm me, or email me at [email]caddyshacks22@gmail.com[/email]. So, yeah, sell me a pair.

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These are in excellent condition aside from the scuff on the toe, which looks worse in the picture due to the flash on my camera. I wore them all of one time for a few hours and it was a couple years ago, so they've just been sitting in my closet and now I'm doing some pre-spring cleaning. Speaking of cleaning, I haven't tried to clean the toe, because I don't want to ruin the suede. Anywho. I'm asking $100 plus shipping. Paypal preferred. Thanks [Image]

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Got em. Delete.

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Shipping included in price. Paypal preferred. PM me if you have any questions. If you need specific measurements or pictures, I'm happy to help. Ralph Lauren - Size XL (black dots are from camera) - $25 [Image]

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These are now used when shoveling snow.

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Anyone know of any decent priced polo without ribbed sleeves? I like the Ralph Lauren Black Label polos, but they're $150. As an example I'm posting a picture of the shirt Pusha T wore in the [I]I'm Good [/I]video. Anyone know the brand he's wearing, or something similar? [Image]

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Please delete this post

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Up, up and away.

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I love this car. It's so ugly and sophisticated at the same time. I'm probably going to end up buying one, used of course, maybe like an 03 or 04. Just wondering if anyone has one and what they think of it, as far as reliability, how long do they last if taken care of, etc? Any insight is appreciated.

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