[Quote] Hey Qwest, I'm planning on getting the Nokie N95, maybe later this yr because the prices I checked @ Pacific Mall were a bit to steep for me ($700) but how does it compare to a W810 in terms of sturdyness? Even tho thw W810 is candybar as opposed to a slider. I currently have the W810 and pretty much no complaints about it. But the n95.. I'm weary of sliders I'm afraid too much use of the sliding will wear down the springs and whatnot. Also heard the battery life is pretty poor on this phone?

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[Quote] +1... sick movie indeed. also the Saw series. Can't wait for Saw IV!!

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I actually like H&M's clothing. They're decent and affordable. I especially like there dress shirts, very breathable. I went to the one downtown for the 1st time.. its huge! compared to the ones I usually go to; Yorkdale, and Vaughn Mills.

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Currently as a temp. at Canada Post mail sorting facility plant. Graveyard shifts though. I need another job, can anyone reccomend me one in the GTA? I was looking at Shoppers Drug Mart as a Merchandiser..

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Theres one in Markham if its not too far for you. Its in a chinese plaza on Hwy 7/Kennedy Rd. Inside the plaza look for a hair salon called "idCux". Ask for Kenny. He does pretty good fauxhawks, I'm rocking one and I'm asian.

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24.9GB including instrumentals

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anyone purchased from solstop.com before in a meetup? Prices seem decent.. even when converted to $CAD. However with 14% tax and an additional $5 to be added.. for gas. Doesn't seem to reasonable. smh

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@ Qwest905 - where did you get that DVD stand in the 1st pic?? I've been looking for a stand like that one.

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Went to the Nike Employee Store today.. saw the Malones at retail price, Thompsons @ 101.99 or 109.99 I forget, 2 blazers, only had size 12 of each.. anyways nothing much really. I picked up a tee and 3 pack of ankle socks. My mom picked up 3 sets of socks as well. However one thing I did want was the Nike Dunk Low CL Jordan 4 IV... didnt have my size.. only 12+ smh it was 74.99 too.. $29 cheaper then retail. Saw alot of soccer jerseys for $61.99 .. wanted to get a Manchester one.. but didnt have the version I wanted.

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I bought my 501's from The Bay... its Pre-Shrunk ones not STF. I checked out Yorkdale's Levi's store I asked the guy do you have any Shrink to Fit 501's he replies yep.. these will shrink to fit once you wash it, lmao. He pointed out the Pre-Shrunk 501's.

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[Quote] I doubt that. But yea I'm look'n to buy the Goughs when they go on sale. Around here they still have them @ $98 CDN |0

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My 1st pair of dunks blushing I'm not wearing these until spring hits.. cant be wearing this around snow blinkyeyes [Image] [-] Nike Dunk Low CL (Jordan 3 Dunk)

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I finally wore my Morrisons on Saturday... I wore it for about 4 hrs or so.. and couldnt take it anymore. I hated the leg opening for being so small, and from ankle down.. it was kinda tight. So I returned it the same day, got my full money back and they quickly put it back on the rack again lol. Luckily I'm not that kinda person that wears something for a few weeks then returns it. I Febreez'd the crotch area before I returned it tongueface

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Thnx for the reply guys.. guess I can expect to see some of the things you guys have listed. Not much heat, and B-grades. Maybe I'll take some pics for ppl who haven't been inside blushing

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Hey guys, my dad just got an invite to the Nike Employee Store. Its the only located on Brimley Rd, in Scarborough. What am I gonna expect there? lots of Nike Shox? and runners? it says you have a max limit of $1500 purchase. So I'm guessing theres gonna be lots of goods there? blushing anyone been to this location?

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