Deadstock. Paypal Only. Priority shipping as soon as payment is received. I have a lot of HB rep. I have the black 350 boost now too, $1000 BIN [Image]

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6yrs ago was the infamous summer of 2009 and subprime was talkin about bein a foot doctor, if you post 2009 idc what you doin but if you want to say go ahead

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Any of you move from your home city/state to go mad far? What was that shit like... I been sayin if I get a job anywhere west coast I'll take it and move to Seattle/SF after or if I don't I'll stay in Cincinnati and move to NYC/NJ perimeter. But I got multiple job offers here and west coast and I'm being a bitch because of the distance, not knowing anyone and leaving all my friends and family here. People sayin I'm stupid cus they're willing to pay for me to relocate and they're paying me a good six figures and I'm whatever about them all smfh

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[Image] $40 Shipped Paypal only: send as +4% or as a gift

Started by [FS] PS3/4CoD, XB1/PS4 Farcry 4 LE, PS4Destiny ($40 shipped each), 2 Weeks ago in Other Goods

Paypal only, ship as soon as I receive payment, add 4% for PP fees or send as gift. Brand new, retail is $270+ [Image]

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$140 + Shipping, shipped the next day. PayPal only [Image]

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Any of you lived in a hostel when traveling or stayin short term? I got me a penthouse hostel in NYC for a couple of months, not really sure what to expect and wonderin if I'm boutta get my laptop jacked when I'm gone during the mornings or something. Guy I was in contact w was stupid as hell.

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Paypal only, I ship day or or next at the latest. feedback: [URL] Real and deadstock Burberry frames + case + cloth: $80 shipped Ralph Lauren frames: $60 [Image]

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Paypal only, I ship same day or next day at the latest. feedback: [URL] Deadstock size 9.5 [Image]

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I've had store credit from something I returned over a year ago, they've been delaying the one item they said they'd bring out so I'm just trying to get rid of it so I can actually buy something I want. It's basically on their website so after I get paid, give me your details and I'll switch the account over to you. (name, email, pass ect)   I am legit, I've been on HB selling things for years, including starcraft keys via PMs so yea. [Image]

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NCAA been solid this year, been watching it way more since the NBA been ass this year aside from a handful of teams. Cincinnati, UNC, and Syracuse been my teams.

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Who's in NYC? Imma be their July and August on rotations so it'd be nice to have some people that know their way around. And what are some good places to eat?

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Basically deadstock, medium reversible. Looking to trade for other Bape jackets in large or for a large, my arms are too long for medium otherwise fits true to size. $300, Paypal only. Price is firm. [Image]

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Paypal only, will ship same day or next after receiving payment. If you need tagged pics I can retake the photo, I'm legit, HB knows me. I'm too big for it, sized medium. $150 shipped [Image]

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Paypal Only, have references, shipped same day or next day, everything new or in good condition. Shipping included. Forgot what my HB account even was since I'm only here to sell some things, had to add the newer name as seen below. [Image]

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