HB ZINE Submission thread

whats up guys. this is just a thread to get everyones stuff all in one place. edit edit: too soon lol. still figuring out where to put everything.

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[URL] This looks like its gonna be good

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Happy Birthday Principal Buttsavage!

You're the coolest guy I know! [Image]

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What should I do HB? Vol. Complex bullshittin doe

Aight so a little over a month ago I posted some artwork I did on here and my tumblr. Anyway this girl messages me on tumblr and says she likes my shit and wants to post them on the art/design section of complex and she was wondering if I could send her some pics of them. So before I answered her I did research to see if it was legit and it all seemed fine and I told her it was cool. So I send her the pics and I check the website for a week and nothing went up. So messaged her asking what was up and she said they were out on July 4th holiday and that the pics should be up by next week. So I check the website for another week and nothing again. a couple weeks ago I messaged her again to see what was up and there was no response. Its been a good month now and I haven't heard from her at all. Now I realize this probably shouldn't be that big of a deal since its just a daily feature on a magazine website in a section not a lot of people read, but I'm still mad about it. Now the real question is should I try to message her again? Should I troll the shit out of their art/design section? Or should I just take the L and move on. Help me out HB tldr CliffNotes: * Painted some shit * Complex writer sees and asks if she can post them in the art/design section on their site * I send her pictures * She doesn't post them * Doesn't Respond * What now

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Pulp Fiction x Hey Arnold

Didn't there used to be an official show us your work thread? Anyway I didn't think this belonged in the blackbook thread but here is a couple paintings I did. Just started really getting back into painting and I thought I'd get some feedback. I plan on doing more. *Shameless plug The rest of the details and shit are on my tumblr [URL] [Image]

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