Used to be Charizard. Now my SN is the principal from Doug. In the show it was spelled Buttsavitch, but I just thought Buttsavage looked funnier.

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i remember someone posted this in the haircut thread a long time ago lol [Embed content]

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[Quote] keep from having a shit load of people chillin in the front of the house. and basically just try and prevent it from getting crowded as fuck and grimey as hell in there like what franktherabbitt11 said. Cause once it gets all sweaty and gross in there people are a lot more hostile. When it starts to get to hard to maneuver around the house try and cap it cause once it gets packed, its gonna be damn near impossible to get people out without being an asshole about it. Plus, cops will probably end up there if it gets crowded and basically post up in front of the house trying to pick off drunk kids/underage kids walking out.

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[Image] dat triton eye lifestyle

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Still haven't started school yet but my schedule is Mondays & Wednesdays: Class at 1 smokeyface Tuesdays: class at 11 and 5 Thursday class at 11, 2, 5 Friday: No Class smokeyface smokeyface smokeyface smokeyface

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lol at the thread title

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Lol I got a couple but they kind of make me seem like an asshole. I was at the airport at the beginning of the summer and I got a drink from one of the stores in the gate area. I put my drink in one of the side drink pockets on my backpack and apparently i didnt screw the top on good enough and the drink started leaking when i put my bag in the chair. So im sitting there for about five minutes and when i get my drink for another sip, i see a huge puddle of sweet tea in the seat next to me. As I'm looking at it, I notice a woman who noticed me spill all this shit. It was early as hell and I didn't feel like cleaning it up so like a dumbass, I just try to casually walk away cause I wasn't even at my gate (the airport was packed as shit). So as I'm trying to escape the woman is just screaming " HEY! HEY! YOU'RE NOT GONNA CLEAN THIS UP! HEY!" So now all these people are looking at me when I try to awkwardly jog off. So I just went to some random gate, put on my headphones and faked sleeping until i my time to board. In retrospect I should've just cleaned it up and not been a lazy asshole but whatever. So I'm walking around the dorms on campus and theres this blind guy that lives in the dorms. Anyway, I'm coming up to a turn on the sidewalk and he's coming the other direction to where I'm about to turn and I know he's about to turn my direction because his dorm is that way. I can already tell this is gonna be awkward cause there isn't enough room for both of us to make this turn because he's waving his cane on the sidewalk. Also theres bushes so i can't just walk off the sidewalk. So as I get up to him at the turn, I just jumped his cane like I was dodging a sword swipe or something and kept it moving. I still wonder if he even knew I was there.

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It's also not mel gibson. its bruce willis.

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whats up guys. this is just a thread to get everyones stuff all in one place. edit edit: too soon lol. still figuring out where to put everything.

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the girl from sri lanka is christine merrill. She went to ucsd smokeyface

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So i found out the reason why the chik fil a was so crowded because the closest one is closed for construction and the one in the mall is the next closest one. Just a coincidence that it was super busy during all the controversy. Still though the line is pretty ridiculous.

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someone i know just posted this on facebook a little while ago. Line at chik fil a at my local mall today lol [Image]

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[Embed content]

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should we start a submission thread?

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checking in. I haven't forgot about this. I'm still working on some paintings and should be done soon. how's everyone else coming along?

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