[B]This shits not getting worn so buy it![/B] Located in Leeds, uk (for meetups) or paypal Items are sent recorded 1st class within the uk Airmail everywhere else in the world unless stated Prices shown include p&p within the uk Any more pictures/ info needed, just ask Give these shoes a good home, if they stay here they are going to get skated :'( well.. the skate-able shoes. - Visvim: G Cowah Hi -

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Make me an offer, starting from $105 each shipped to North America, $110 Shipped to Europe. [Image] **BLACK SOLD**

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1 Black and 1 Brown $185.00 each shipped to North America, $195.00 to Europe [Image]

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US10.5, UK9.5, EU44.5 Original Box, Extra Laces, Receipt can even have the bag if you want. Paypal accepted, Make me an offer! [B]SOLD[/B] [Image]

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Id like to paint the midsoles of my fbts as i dont like the electric yellow and want something more subtle. Whats the best possible way to do this, i want a professional finish aswell. Im asking this because its alot easier than me trying to find us11 fbts with the beige midsole smh pics of em now: [Image] Cheers me dears blushing

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Yo! Does anyone have one for sale or know of any place that might have them? I know its a long shot as these have been discontinued but its needed hugely!!! Thanks.

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Wouldnt mind any other than the patched bags. Will take used or new. Must accept either bank transfer or postal orders, im located in the UK. Money ready so i need someone to get at me quick! Thanks

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Hello! Im really in a mess here and dont have a clue which one to get. Im after either a d40 or d80(also d200, but whts the difference between them?) Im a newbie to the whole SLR cams but im always taking pics and wont stop taking pics. I know people suggest to start with the D40, but is it that hard to start with the d80? would i be totally confused or would it just take some more time to get used to. Also, i know the body of the camera isnt the most important, the lens produce the great finished photo. Thanks fo your time. -Primed.

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Need help asap as i want to buy an idiom jacket but it will have to be from an online store. Im puzzled by the sizing chart. Do they run larger than a normal jacket as its used from winter sports? Keep in mind i will be using the jacket for school and wen i go snowboarding in france in months to come. Thanks for your time. ps. i understand this might not be in the right place. dont go on about it.

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Looking for "Models Love CAKE" t-shirts, pm me if you got em in medium or large. Thank you [Image]

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Lets get it going!

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