I think the japanese do it well, combining high end and streetwear. For choosing a name just think about what interests you. I developed my business name PRIMARY COLORS out of my love for Roy Litchenstein, pop art, and the belief in not taking life so serious.

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I try to keep it healthy as possible. Dr Bronners Unscented All Purpose Soap Alaffia Black African Soap Burt's Bees Lemon Oil Salt/Sugar/Epsom salt for exfoliating

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Biology, Physiology, and Radiology! Eh!

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Anyone a fan of footwear brand D.A.T.E.? I currently own one pair and I'm a huge fan of quite a few pairs from their current collection, especially [URL]. What do you guys think?

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Monsieur Jerome I'M KOO The Sartorialist Check out my site as well www.primarycolorsstyle.com --Travelle

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