Nah, Kanye.  So Help You God.

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Any theories out there as to why he didn't?

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you you you.

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Who else copped the 6S today? smokeyface And if you converted to Appleism from Android, please share that life-changing story.

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black foxes... Shouts to all the trill members ~

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I hope I never encounter these little rascals.  [Embed content]

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So last week I got caught cheating during my Uni finals (math to be exact). I was using my phone to look at the formulas I had saved on there, but of course I forgot to turn off vibrate on my phone, so when I received a call, my phone went all apeish on me which made my professor visit my desk. I tried to cover the phone with my arms, but then he asked me to lift my arms up and he sees the phone. I see him after class, and he tells me that I will receive a zero on the final and he will also fail me. On top of that, he told me that he will also be contacting the dean of my Uni. In hindsight, yeah I should have done the smarter thing and put the formulas in my calculator. I still don't know what is going to happen to me.. but I don't think it will be good.  HB, help, I've fallen and I can't get up. -PBF

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Brand New Never Worn Supreme Bling Logo & Cat tee for sale only (no trades)  Payment: Paypal only -- +4% Paypal fee (no Gift payment) Shipping: Free shipping within the United States (USPS w/ Tracking #) $70/each or $110/both PM me or Email me for any questions: Bling Logo (XL) (Black)  [URL]

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[Embed content] If you haven't watched any 'BECOMING' interviews, take a minute and peep em. They are quality.

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Just sayin. #iPhone5gang

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Who's going to watch Chelsea beat United?

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[Image]my man Nate lookin fresh nahmean

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ayo yall where all da pretty folk is? #prettyboygang

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Ravins one da supa_bole n my mans Flacco wit da mVp all so ray luis dun kilt it pun in10did hoo dih hoo dih?!

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