[Quote] Werd that's crazy and how much do the big pony go for Would you like to do me a favor and get me a couple of those polo and ship them to me I'll pay for them and I would also pay you for the trouble

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Yo Hip Hop Died when nikkas started making songs for the money instead of there love for the music Ya Dig and yo Jello that Dipset shit is what poppin Ya Dig Dudes need to get with it or Get lose But on some G shit camron needto come back he would save hip hop because his last mixtape was Hard

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Yo watz gud with the purple pigeons I'll give you a 120 for them

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Today was my first day of skool but my school was giving me hard time they didn't want to give me a program card because I was absent to much last year so they had me run around the whole school then when I was trying to get my shit I had my hat on in the hallway and the dean just started going crazy he took my shit and when I asked for it back he said I was acting like a "toughguy" and he gonna suspend me so I just said fuk I left and went straigth home and noone said nuttin that shit was crazzi But I use to cut all the time last year and when I got caugth once I just said a couple dudes want to jump me so I was scared and left you gotta make a lot of shit like fake names but that shit works all the time

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I'm not even gonna lie I started getting fresh for the girls and I always liked being the best dressed dude where ever I go but I hate when that happened do when the dude you think no girl would try to mess with start baggin some of the baddest bitches cloths don't get the girls it migth get you some attention so girls notice you but you gotta go spit some G at them most of the time unless she a smut

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I'm not sure but I know they was going for a least under 100 dollars but some stores around my hood was selling them for about 70 dollars

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Ohh you looking for those they something lite mad heads had those shits in my school last year but I think urban outtfitters was selling those shits you could check out there site and a lot of stores in NewYork had them so you just gotta check some sneaker stores that sell old sneakers proably V.I.M have them there gotta be a V.I.M in downtown brooklyn

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I usually just use tootbrush and some soap and water Ya Dig That's the HOod way I learned how to do that when I use to get only one pair of sneakers like every 8 months Ya Dig but to keep my kicks clean I just try not to get them dirty doing stupid shit

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[Quote] Naw Aint Nobody trying form no meet up Ya dig But if yall want to come thru just holla No Homo I'm just saying My dudes is trying to say only losers or body builder wear those type of jeans Ya Dig i respect his opinion but I take that as disrespect because i have a pair and i aint a body builder and I know for a fact dat I'm not a loser ya dig so im just trying to tell him that a lot of different people wear those jeans And Chris Brown Do have on the lordless warrior blazers on in the vma commerical i think he performed last year or the year before

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[Quote] Yo I'll give it 2 you your a fly chick ya digs I saw a couple of your other fits and you doing you ya digs keep it up ya feel Me I also Drew and Sole Driven Nice Fits I'm gonna post one of my fits soon when i get time cause I'm always busy DJing ya feel me but yall dudes migth flame the shit out of me cause i dress different ya dig I dress on some dipset shit Ya feel Me

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[Quote] Naw not really becasue if you come thru my hood rigth now you see mad heads wearing those shit and *****s over here is brolic(meaning strong) but *****s aint body builders

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[Quote] This is one of the nicest fits I've seen I would wear something like this and I been looking for those sneakers in my size forever And question do anyone know stores in NewYork dat sells those type of shirts that's shown in the picture above

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I really love prada as a brand espcially there sneakers for men I think they make some of the hardest sneakers out its just they be going crazy sometimes with the prices but as youngin with limited money I really can't afford prada sneakers full price Question do anyone have any prada sneakers they want to sell size 8.5-9 u.s.

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[Quote] Antiks Jeans are poppin wat type of shit are u on I gotta pair and I'll put a hundred G's up Jim Jones is da dude rocking dem in the picture

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For my birthday I was in Jamaica because I had to go to my Great grandmother funreal (god bless her soul) but anyway on my birthday my aunt past away and I was stayin in her house and my brother found her dead so my birthday was just fucked but that showed me that life is to short to waste it

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