[Quote] Do you want to learn a completely new trade? Or do you want to open your own business? I was a full-time registered veterinary nurse working full time and sometimes more. I just slowly started saving my money, building my skin care business, getting customers, making products on ANY spare time that I got. And I just recently lost my job, but I've already created a mini following, so I'm not worried. I don't earn enough to sustain rent or anything like that, but I have enough saved that I'm taking the year off to travel and focus 100% on my business. Sometimes just chipping away at something new while you have a source of income can be helpful.

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Hooking up with strangers is what Tinder is for.

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I just came back from surfing in a remote ass village in Guatemala.  Bruh... so amazing.

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[Quote] Yo. Gross man. She's huge and any curvy features are surgical. At least get a nose job first, damn.

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Must have OG forum member meet up. PS Helgen, when Im in NY next, we hookin up and getting some dumplingssss. Or maybe we can be fancy since we're adults now and hit up Nobu (they got good scallops).

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^ I had a friend who was an addict and I had no idea until he OD and died. The last conversation I had with him was about how I think people who need hard drugs are weak and there's no excuse for it. (Not knowing he was an addict), anyways, he died of a heroin overdose, and I feel like shit for judging, which in turn meant I was judging him. They did a study on rats who said that rats who are addicted to crack (by putting it in their feed) would choose feed that was not laced with crack, if they had other rats in the houses with them, and had a sense of community. So sometimes addictions arent even addictions, they're just addicted because they don't really have much to care about. If people had a sense of community and stronger support systems, I think more people could fight addiction more effectively.

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[Quote] I used it in Brazil, Paris and Monaco. All were great experiences. You just have to take the comments and ratings somewhat seriously, but also with a grain of salt. People love to complain.. And also, some of the problems I experienced were due to the location. So Brazil is dangerous - duh. My location was as safe as it could have been. Paris - European plumbing/Paris plumbing is not great. The bathroom smelled, but that was EVERYWHERE in Paris that I went. Some girl complained about it in the reviews for the listing, but that's overpopulated Paris for you. I ignored her complaint and the listing was fine. Just go in with an open mind and don't be entitled, you'll be happy with almost anything.

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LOL as I've gotten older I've realized that New Years to me is nothing but a day off, and having to remeber to put 2016 instead of 2015. I'm just looking forward to having the day off to read finally.

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I've been in so many scenarios like that and find out dude has a girl, or dude tries me, knowing that I know he has a girl. Now I just date married men. Life is easier that way.

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Hahaha. Nah I didn't smash. He even gave me €200 to play poker with and I ended up winning him €350, and the next night I won another €250. So technically I paid for my own dinner ;) Poker gawd. smokeyface

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[Quote] I feel happy when an ex can speak good things towards their previous partner. I made the mistake of lurking my ex's new girlfriends page. She posted "just because" flower pictures, and I just thought back to how this guy treated me like absolute trash. I couldn't even get a compliment, much less a "just because" bouquet of flowers. But then I realized that if it wasn't for him breaking me apart, I wouldn't have had the chance to rebuild myself to who I am now. And good for him for finally doing the little/thoughtful things for someone else. It doesn't matter if he was shitty to me, as long as he's not shitty to someone else; it means he's grown, and I'd rather have that kind of person in the world than a consistently shitty one.

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[Quote] Mostly dogs and cats and rabbits. Sometimes the odd guinea pig or rat or other rodents.

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In metropolitan areas, it's so normal.

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