[Embed content] SAE frat at University of Oklahoma singing a racist chant. not a surprise.

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what school do you go to? you won't be finding very many guys on HB who work in IB..

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pics and vid of a building in downtown LA on fire. huge apartment building they were building just caught on fire [Image] [URL]

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Ron purchased some jewelry off of him before. My big bro met him before as well and hung out with him. Ben baller just another fuck boy celeb who tryin say controversial shit to sound cool. He used to funny af when he had that blog and talked about his life while spittin real shit, but after seeing him act hard while he out there suckin bieber's dick on social media i lost all respect for him.

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lol what a cunt. did your friend explain to them that it wasn't semen?

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smh some girl just argued with me about this for the longest time.. she said the intent in the video was malicious and it wasn't right so I asked her if it were male models who were all good looking saying "good evening" to some girl walking down the street, would the average girl ignore them because she felt threatened? she made up some bullshit excuse after that. fuck that feminist talk for real bruh.

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This nigga Floyd respond to texts with the auto texts. Whats good Floyd? "Im in a meeting right now."

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Rule #1: Don't dress like iheart [Image]

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[Quote]bruh I was just thinking of this when I saw the thread. OP go to the personals in all the W4M sections, say you're a thirsty latina girl or some shit looking to suck some dick at the gloryhole no questions asked and tell them to email you for the address. that's when u get the emails and reply back with OP's address and tell them to show up and just knock on the door and that you'll be waiting for them.

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OP you need to get revenge for the first thing he screwed you over with by throwing something away that he likes, but isn't too valuable. Get that message across and say you didn't like that shit so you tossed it out. He'll be pissed and if he tries some shit with you again, then that's when all hell breaks loose and you confront him and kick his ass. Most likely though, he'll be pissed and try not to mess with you again since he knows you'll lash out on him by doing something similar.

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Been playing for about over a year and a half now. TH10 and level 115.

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damn this one actually hurts a lot. I grew up with Jumanji and Hook, two of my favorite movies as a child. This is so out of the blue, never would have expected him to depressed, which goes to show that you really can't judge a book by it's cover. RIP

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great movie. pretty fuckin hilarious in some parts and the storyline was great. idk how the hell that dude up there didn't laugh once.. you gotta have a weird fuckin sense of humor to not think some parts were funny.

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embarrassing af. wtf is 7-0..

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yo they really got grown ass brazilian men crying in the stands like they children died fr

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