Every cool pump colorway that comes out.

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please shrink the pumps to a size 10?

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I've always been pretty bad with cleaning shoes that have suede on them but I think i really f'd up my Top Tens. The were getting a little discolored from my jeans so I brushed them out lightly with a suede/nubuck brush. Now that widespread discoloration is condensed into lines of lint or something in the shoes and I think I ruined the texture of the suede. It used to be kind of like an orange peel and now its just flat. Any fix for this or hints on cleaning suede?

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i have wayyy too many. I'm having my closet rebuilt to accomodate my collection. 51 pairs not including the Guccis and Diors. I wear every single one of them and keep them all in mint condition.

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Are there any legitimate online Japanese stores other than Atmos and Proceed? Proceed's selection is amazing just want more.

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Does Major sell reebok, and is the drive to Norfolk worth it over the Commonwealth in Gtown? I love the ADIDAS store, hands down the chillest i've been to.

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Rare footage at the Hard Rock Casino in Fort Lauderdale is the new place for So Flo. Jordans, air force and max, dunks, lacoste, adidas, supra, cadillac. Lots of cool clothing too.

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Does anyone know where to get BBC jeans with the astronaught on the back pockets and nothing on front?

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$560 on black patent leather dunk low styled Guccis, has a hologram of the GG logo on the sides. Not one regret.

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its part of the culture no?

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