Can't get enough of videos like these. What kind of heat you guys got? [Embed content] *vimeo ones won't embed, but they're both great.

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black/white converse all-star lows [b]sz[/b]: 11.5 [b]condition[/b]: never worn [b]price[/b]: $35 [Image]

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couldn't find any threads like this, and I'm fiendin' super hard to find a song i heard earlier tonight. the title, or name of artist (not sure which) begins with a p, and the guy who told me what it was called said something about "'p_____' in 'japan.'" had a pretty hip-hop sounding beat, and kinda had, what i perceived as, some middle eastern sounding strings along with it. but hearing the guy mention something about japan makes me think it could definitely be something japanese, rather than middle eastern. help me you hypebeasts.

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high school, college, ncaa, etc. a place to post about anything related to your sport, at whatever level. training regiments, equipment, etc. so, what does everyone play? or do you all just lift to sit on the beach and pick up broads?

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I know i haven't been here long, and I seem to complain a lot... But shit's ridiculous. Dunno if mods are just too busy to regulate, or what, but if there anything you can do to shut those dudes up outside the Market that'd be dope.

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