DOPE book first of all, and also does anybody know any historical events that can relate to this story somewhat? anything involving a gang/troop going around killing people and starting shit..somethin like inglorious bastards but nonfiction

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during december a cop gave me a ticket for smoking a cigarette when i was only 17 (minor possesion of tobacco). I thought my court date was on march 30th, but it was march 10th so i missed it. anyone know what are the punishments for this? o and also do i HAVE to bring a parent with me to court? or can i just bring someone over 18

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From any one critical viewpoint, discuss a similar conflict found in Hamlet and in Catch 22 which arises from the presence of both the rational and the irrational. What ultimate purpose does this conflict serve? if anyone got any ideas ill take em!!

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in the beginning of my junior year of high school, my mom transferred me out of my school into a different one because she thought it was too difficult for me to handle. but after a year at this school i really wanna go back to the other one for my senior year and already set up a meeting with my old principal to see if i can get back in but the thing is my grades i dont know what to say thatll give them enough reason to let me back in any advice?

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