[ 2014 discussion thread ] Facebook Twitter Tumblr Thanks to all who came out during Februarys release  A new design is going up tomorrow for a new shop in our city - Station. We will be doing an in store release & online [HERE] at 11AM (MST).  Station  2735 Welton St Denver Co "50MG" Longsleeve.  [Image] More flicks HERE.

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Hey HB, I launched People looking at a newer today - Plaant in 2009.   Im taking some bigger steps this year, and I'd love your opinion on anything brand related. It's a passion of mine and not many friends are fashion forward, so I've always come to HB to lurk.   It's still a one man operation from design to sale.  Below are a 4 shots from the previous 8th collection & Here are the past 7 collections. PLAANT WEBSTORE www.Instagram.com/plaant  Facebook Twitter Tumblr [Image] -B

Started by [Plaant] - 2014 Discussion Thread, 2 Weeks ago in Brands