willing to pay a fair amount, can also throw in a very nice surprise if you take some bills off, pm me to see what it is.

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now i know there is an official video thread, but can this looks way to good to be true. do you guys think this is a internet joke or is this dude really serious. this video is insane. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MRWqlf_8M8&feature=related fake or real?

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[CENTER][b][SIZE="6"][COLOR="Teal"]CHROME SON![/COLOR][/SIZE][/b] onto the rules and regulations: [b]NO PAYPAL!!!![/b] [b]NO PAYPAL!!!![/b] i'll do personal checks, money orders, concealed cash (at your risk), or suffolk county meet ups. NO TRADES!! [b]shoes are 100000000000000000000000000000% legit, i think i have receipt somewhere, if you need that much verficiation.[/b] I don't ship first cause i'm not getting scammed so once i get your $$, you'll get these beauties. PM ME WITH OFFERS OR REACH ME ON AIM AT PKDOLLABILLS (easiest way to get to me) [b]onto the reason we're all here:[/b] JORDAN 8 RETRO - (BLACK/CHROME) (305381-001) SZ. 9 [b]VVVVVVNDS - WORN ONLY 5X[/b] SO: 220 / BIN: 260 [Image] BUY THESE SHITS!! [/CENTER]

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anybody have any of these in any colorway, pref. the blue let me know what you want.

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Get at me on this shirt. message me on AIM at pkdollabills or PM me on here. thanks

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could this bring back actually scary horror movies? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmK8AdvkvLg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XdjFcoe2950&feature=related

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alright people, everybody sits at home and bashes our current lame-duck president but i want to let you know that only 40% of this country voted in last the last election. If you're of age on this board then you need to get up, get out and go vote this election. I know its only feb. but super tuesday is this coming week and its never too early to start looking into who you want to vote for. The point is even if you think your vote doesn't count and how your actual vote does not vote for the president literally (which it doesn't) still GO VOTE. People dont even vote in their congress elections but still complain about their government. College students are the most neglected voice in this country's political spectrum and if all of us would use our voice for what we should we can change a lot of shit going on in this world. The point is after all this rambling is that you all NEED to go out and vote this election, and EVERY election because 40% of this country vote but 100% of them have the right too. That is a disturbing figure and it shouldnt be that way. make your voice heard man, dont do it because P Diddy and paris hilton tell you too, do it because you actually care about your own country.

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GkC0IHCtdc "they was in white robes, fuckin one another"

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So im at work at nike on the register ringing people up and i get this huge puerto rican guy wearing all jordan apparel buying some melo's we got in, so he starts educating me on the shoe and hes on some shit thinking hes the man. Then hes telling me how he has over 200 jordans and that hes got some people have never seen before and he tells me "i got them spongebob joints man, shits awesome" and procedes to show me a picture of them on his cell phone. Then he goes into detail how he gets all his jordans for 60$ from airjordanlocker.com and writes the site down for me, as soon as he gets out of the door i started fucking cracking up so hard i had to go into the back. what the fuck is wrong with people?

Started by "i got jordans people never seen, them spongebob joints", 2 Weeks ago in Jordan

if anyone is interested in purchasing a fender jazz bass shoot me a pm. its got stickers on it but if someone wants to buy it they'll be removed no problem, its in amazing condition, and i have a small bass amp as well. On musiciansfriend.com the bass goes for 450$ i'm selling it for 250 pickup and 270+shipping (i live in suffolk county on long island), whoever is interested PM me.

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yo post your desktop, lets see what everyone is working with. i cant wait till we get that one person with every computer program on their hard drive as an icon on the desktop haha. you can see what town i live in on that weather shit, o damn. [Image]

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im in the new car market and i was thinking of getting an 07 lancer, (not evo). an 07 because theyll kick bills off because the 08 models are coming in, does anyone have a lancer? how does it drive? hows the gas mileage? any other suggestions either for like under 17,000 grand and yea its manual not auto

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idk if this was on here before but this new JJ abrams movie that is untitled as of right now going under the temp name of 1/18/08 looks to be like a ill fucking apocalypse movie. some people say its godzilla but i dont think so. watch the teaser http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzfNQkwwT3c&mode=related&search=

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