Anyone have any information on Nomad's returns/exchange policy?

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What stores in Toronto are carrying a good selection of Obey Posse's winter jacket run? In particular I'm looking for that Drop Out Snorkel parka, but that's a semantic.

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To Leumas: The APCS you're wearing in your WDYWT pics, are they New Standards? How much did you size down?

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Hm, it looks to me like the New Standards are actually a little more like a Nudie Even Steven rather than a Slim Jim once they stretch. I sized down on my Slim Jims to make a fairly slim jean (hemming them as well to straighten the silhouette even more) What if I were to buy a pair of new cures and only size down one or not at all? Would that achieve a slim look without being goofy tight? And I apologize to contributing yet another sizing question to this thread, but you APC heads have to know this shit is confusing!

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Any got their hands on the supernaut m-65? How do those fit? 186.00 is pretty reasonable for what looks like a killer jacket.

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I'm looking for that Mishka black death adder in a 7 1/2 if anyone's willing to part with theirs.

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