03 Audi A4, then a 4RUNNER very shortly after

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Tbh, I really don't even touch my fucking Xbox other than an occasional FIFA games, not that many titles i'm interested in right now, and I don't really have time to play. I do have Titanfall though, and it is dope as fuck....but like I said, I don't really get to play much

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How many of you are into the watch game?  I just purchased my first "expensive" one, a Tag Aquaracer. Set me back 2 grand, which was kind of a deal Kind of like this, but with a white face [Image] Other than that I have an Eco-Drive and a Bulova (probably the best cheap watch you can get btw, 150 for most of their dress watches) But yeah, didn't really see any watch threads out there. What do y'all wear, and also what do y'all suggest as far as future purchases? Discuss

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I haven't smoked in like a month, but i'm craving tobacco like crazy. Seriously a dip, pouch, cig, cigar or anything at this point. Any tricks to help curb this?

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Discuss smokeyface i believe so. [Image]

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[Quote]Definitely worth it, and DEFINITELY go greek if you are going to be at FSU.  It gets wild down there in the panhandle.

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[Quote]Oh I know haha, i'm just a 1st year though, I should be getting 6 figures once I get my MBA done and possibly my CFA. But the cost of living in this industry ain't that bad considering I literally do not pay for a single meal and I live uptown now so I can literally walk to work everyday.

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[Quote]I started undergrad at Duke, but ended up getting my degree at Carolina (Kenan-Flagler Business School). I drink a shit ton and go out to bars a lot. I was in a fraternity, and a lot of my friends and other alumni are in the Charlotte area, so when i'm not working my ass off, I've been pretty much drinking my ass off and playing golf every Saturday and Sunday. I don't really have a girlfriend, just a girl I hook up with, which is very ideal because I really don't have time for that.

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[Quote]I worked for my dad's company in HS, worked at a grocery store, and interned at Time Warner Cable doing Finance /Risk Management then Bank of North Carolina doing Credit Analysis. So not really "fake" jobs, i made over 20 an hour at those two internships, but this is my first salaried position. and yeah, it's not easy...this is the first day I actually got out of work at 6, i've been working till like 9 most days this week, mostly on my own accord trying to get shit done.

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[Quote]I stopped wearing streetwear a little while ago. The only thing I still somewhat dabble in is denim, but i've been a polo, button down, khakis, loafers, fratty new balances guy for a while now, as gay as that sounds haha. Suit collection proper though smokeyface, literally got buy 1 get 3 free from Jos. A. Bank and had 3 brooks brothers suits to begin with. I'm the freshest in the office without even spending much hahaha.

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[Quote]so you're THAT guy

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[Quote]I've done a little bit of trading and stock research, but I've honestly not been that involved with it. I'm working in Charlotte, I might consider taking a crack at wall street a few years down the road even though I know they do most of their hiring internally.

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I double majored Finance and Economics, and salary is a little over 62k, which I cannot lie is pretty nice. Seems like I've only seen my Engineering friends make that kind of money right out of college.  I kind of feel like a douche now.

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Fucking excited because I just started my career, got a job as a Financial Analyst for Wells Fargo!  Anyone else just get out of college and starting their careers? I feel blessed, having only been out of college for like 3 days...but feels good to be making real money, and to be on my way in the finance world

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