Aw man, I remember my freshman year of college. Me and my girl had history class together. This was the class we met in, so you can imagine the amount of flirting that went down. The seats in the class room are like when you go to a movie theater (for those who have never been in a university classroom) and we sat directly in the middle surrounded by like 50 people. So it's like the 3rd week into the semester and the professor is lecturing and my girl starts touching me and pulling my arm hairs out for fun, trying to make me scream (I have a high tolerance for pain). I'm just sitting there with the goofiest smile on my face while she's messing with my arm. My beard had just started to finally grow, so I had about 10 hairs on my chin. She grabs the few chin hairs I have and pulls down hard and I'm quietly laughing and it starts to hurt so I tell her to chill and she doesn't. So while she has a tight grip of my beard, I grab a handful of her hair and pull; maybe pulling a little bit too hard because she dropped her book and papers on the ground and it's extra loud drawing all attention to us and the next thing I hear was the professor stopping mid lecture and saying, "hold on class... *points in our direction* are you two with us?" Her dumb ass somehow didn't even hear what he said and knocks my book on the floor while the whole class is looking at us while she still has my beard and he says, "sir and ma'am, you may pack your belongings and come back tomorrow." Once there's dead silence, she finally notices every body is staring at us and looks shook. I say ok, apologize, proceed to put my book in my bag, and stood up. My girl is still sitting there and says in the shakiest voice, "why do we have to leave, he said sorry..." I'm like come on, lets just go. She's like, "no... we shouldn't have to leave, we payed for this class." The class instigates the situation and gasps. The professor says, "I can have you both dropped from my class, it's not a problem or y'all can leave and come back tomorrow...your choice." The class is like "ooooooh." I'm standing there hella embarrassed breaking into a cold sweat like wtf this is overboard, so I just grab her stuff, her hand so she could get up, and we proceed to make our way up the stairs, out of the classroom and soon as we get to the door the professor's like, "I'm just joking, y'all can sit back down class will be over in 15 minutes just don't interrupt again." He laughs, the class laughs, I wanted to laugh but I'm too embarrassed so I smirk, and my girl looks pissed so we just leave anyway.

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^^^^ Truuuue, females do remember. YSL l'homme and la nuit de l’homme are my go to signature scents since they smell similar. I was at my ex house one night & she asked me what cologne I'm always wearing because it smells "heavenly". At first I told her it's just my pheromones and she gave me that "nigga no" look so I told her and sure enough for my birthday she came clutch and surprised the hell out of me with a new bottle.

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Spring/Summer: YSL l'homme(day), YSL la nuit de l'homme(at night), Issey Miyake l'eau d'issey, Armani Diamond. Fall/Winter: Armani Code, Polo Black, and Burberry London.

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Walk up to her and say, "Excuse me, can I get your opinion on something?" and just go with the flow from there.

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That getting new shoes meant you would be able to run faster because of The Sandlot, so when ever we got home from shoe shopping I would put my shoes on and take a full sprint up our street and back. That if you shaved, facial hair would magically appear on your face. That if you had a $100 bill, you were rich.

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-People that stink in the morning. -People that say, "huh, what you say, excuse me" when I'm asking them a question knowing they comprehended what I said, then they proceed to answer it. -When girls tell me I should smile more or think I'm depressed because I always have a blank face. -When somebody who approaches a 2 way stop sign before me signals me to go first.

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2 hours and then when it was time for me to get in the chair my barber went on lunch break, so I was about to just thug it out until the next day. As I was walking out, the the barber next to him was like, "Come on, I can fade you up better than him." So I contemplated for 5 seconds, then was like F it, sat down, and thoroughly explained to him how I wanted it and he straight butchered me -__-. I knew it was over when he was lining me up and spent 5 minutes comparing the left and right side. When he gave me the mirror and asked how I liked it, I didn't say ish. I got up and I left...without paying. That day I learned a valuable less about having patience.

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[Quote] I originally sized up 1 from my original size on the skinny's and they didn't fit me, so I sent them back and got my true size and they fit perfect now. Go TTS.

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Does anybodies H&M still have any varsity jackets left? If so, would you be willing to do a pickup for me?

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I usually wear a 32, but I sized up 1 on the skinny after reading the reviews. The waist fits, but the back poofs out just a little bit. Should I size down 1 to get rid of the "diaper butt" look or will it flatten out after a couple wears?

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[Quote] Info on tee?

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Dope, but when it first came on I thought it was The Weeknd- Love through her.

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My hand smells like refrigerator light.

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[Quote] Here goes a live version: [URL]

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