i hated spiz ikes but these true blues arent that badd...still wudnt copp

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^ damnnnnnn only 5?!?

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ill giv u a dollar shipped? smokeyface

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[Quote] AGREED 100% mannn ima just wear wat i feel and just F em other "sneakerheads" they can think they hot but we all kno wats goin down

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^ wow wat did u think was gonna happen wen u made a thread? this is a forum and people are gonna post opinions. somebodys on their period.

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mannn these fakes gotta stop...

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^ haha co sign...FLNY is like that toooo just a lil more crowded

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everytime i look at those super team 33s...im just amaze wat a great shoe made of the finest materials. im definately on the NB bandwagon

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just my size...lol

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nope but mann in that whole video that guy was rockin some gear 4 realz !!! he changed into like 20 different outfits.

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reallly feelin ALL of em!!

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just dope...big history behind these...man u got those?!?! im jealous.

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[Quote] LOL....any clear jordans are very popular round here.

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not much of a steal...

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dont kno but all of a sudden i kinda like the p rod 2s.

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