where to buy?

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Hello fellow Hybeast Members, I've looked around the forum and on google a bit and there isn't any luck on places in Guangzhou with legit street wear clothing such as Stussy, BAPE, Supreme , etc. I am pretty sure there's some of you out there that went to Guang Zhou before and know some stores here and there that are full of goodies. Please post some locations here if you know and possible it could become a Official Guide as it progresses, Thanks. CHEERS.

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i can't wait =(

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wow. good stuff man

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nice post thanks for the updates man

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I went, Spent 200$ , I played my DS LITE the whole wait, so fun! I went early, about 9:30~ and got in the middle of the line, waitied till like 11:00 to go in smh LONG WAITING TIME but fun DS LITE

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