hey, I've heard about some Yao Mings which are supposed to be released only in China and HK. Have they dropped yet? Also, where can I find them if they have. I am in Hk for about 3 weeks. If I am looking for brands like 10deep, 3sixteen, flying coffin, Jordans, Dunks, where should I be looking?

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def. check into the less mainstream brands such as cazal, face a face, oliver peoples, paul smith, ect. Right now I am wearing a very unique (in the attractive way) pair of face a face frames (I get compliments on them all the time). I have a list of more brands from when I was doing a search for my new frames. If you want it, pm me.

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I'll be in HK from the Dec 16th-Jan 9th. Anyone know if the clubs will be doing a new years (north american new years) eve bash? Also, I wanna take my gf to a nice restaurant on christmas day (since we will be away from our families). What restaurants do you guys recommend?

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Just checked out Bruce eyewear. You weren't kidding. They have super unique styled glasses from some high-end, realtively unknown (to the mainstream market) (sun)glasses. You also weren't kidding about their prices. I picked up a pair from a brand called face a face (France). With lenses, they're costing me just under $700. Expensive, but i am sure a lot of people will be wearing my stuff. Something i can't stand! Thanks for the heads up.

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Yeah, that's for sure true. The big companies got to play it safe and sell what is normal. I dont want a freaky-looking piece of eyewear, but i dont want some mainstream stuff that everyone has, also. I am willing to fork out a few more hundred dollars for less common brands, but i want quality and style at the same time. We'll see what i can find.

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Costco? Hahahah...The bruceeyewear place looks unique and nice. I will check them out in the next few days for sure. What else is available? There's gotta be more than one place that carries unique/stylish eyewear in BC.

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I need some new glasses. I dont want to go to have the same glasses everyone else is wearing. Where in the Lower Mainland can i go to get fashionable glasses which are also unique. Any one know of any stores around here?

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Hey guys, I am looking to get soem artful dodger stuff for myself. I am trying to avoid the online stores (esp. from the states due to high s/h and customs). Who knows where i can cop some artful stuff. I know about complex in the Gastown. What else is there for me?

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Guys and Gals, Just wondering where in Canada (preferably BC) can i get Artful Dodger Hoodies? I already know of Complex, but i am looking to see if anyone else carries the brand in canada.

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Artful Dodger, 3sixteen, tank theory, IMO.

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Hey, I am from the Lower Mainland and if you dont know where or what that is, you will probably not be able to help me...hahah. Anyway, I am looking for a few pairs of jeans for myself - i dont care whether they are normal, selvedge, whatever. The only thing is they cant be too flashy (Artful dodger has some nice designs, but anything more than that would be out). I am looking to buy locally. I have a 34 waist, but i am 6'1''. Also, I have pretty muscular legs, so the tighter fitting jeans (guess, ect) dont normally fit well around my thighs. What brands do you guys recommend? Which stores in the Lower Mainland carry nice jeans. Help me out!

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Breitling is a little out of my price range, i believe.

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Dude, you guys have awesome feedback! Brands i would never have even heard of if not for you guys. I really like the unique stuff cause that is totally my style. I cant stand it when everyone is rocking the same stuff. The watches are nice, but nothing is yet to catch my eye to the point where i wont have to make the decision to buy the watch because i will know its the one when i see it. Keep it coming guys. Thanks!

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2001 Audi A4 1.8T. Not the most expensive ride on here, but I am proud to have here.

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Yeah, check out the Breitling site. They have nice watches, but they are a little out of my price range. Also, i checked out the Nixon website. I owned a Nixon for just like an everyday watch before. I never knew that they had watches for a solid Grand. They a pretty nice watches too. However, i would never spend that kind of money on a Nixon watch. Seiko seems to be a solid pick. They have designs i like, and they a pretty decently priced. Any other recommendations?

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