Hey, I would like to know the length of an XL american apparel t shirt. I checked their website and they only have chest widths. I even called customer support and the chic said that she didn't have access to t-shirt length specifications. (bogus) So can someone with an american apparel tee in XL measure the T-shirt from the back of the neck to the bottom of the garment. thanks.

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Well,. my air conditioning doesnt work in my bed room,. every night I get about 2 hours of sleep then wake up in a sweat and the air is really thin in my room. I end up "trying" to sleep on the couch outside of my room where the AC does work. This has been going on for weeks and I rarely take naps at this point throughout the day. anyone else going through f*cked up sleeping patterns?

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I've noticed alot of adds posted here from users with a post count usually under 5. I think they should be locked\deleted before it becomes a problem and really litters up the boards.

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damnit lastn ight one of my drunk friends poured pop alover my jeans,. any advice? I am definetely not washing these I dont care if theres pop on em,. but to get out the smell etc...

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[Image] ??? undecided on the last one.

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Well I just got the Foreign Family Sakura tee, and it is not a cut and sew,. There are alot of chunky printing areas and faded areas over the seams and such, For 37 dollars american I expect something of higher quality. Just letting you guys know before you go and pay money for something that isn't very high quality compared to other brands out there,. Pics soon.

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Has anyone used this site? possitive experience? negative experience? they seem legit and carry a hell of a lot of brands,. Just curious about the service.

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I was wondering what sites you guys use when ordering denim, I know there is an "official store" topic in the fashion forum but most of the sites have a limited or serious lacking denim selection. Just curious , what are some stores with good selection and good service that I can order from in the future. (ps, if this topic already exists just point me in the right direction before flaming me.)

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Hi I was thinking of ordering some stuff from bombing science,. how is the service from their online store? any feedback would be appreciated thanks.

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So last night I went out with this girl and we saw a movie, I did not really want to go because she is boring as hell but anyways. We went back to her place and made out for a bit, and this girl has no idea how to kiss, like completely clueless I dont understand what is so impossible about kissing but she just did not understand how to do it it was sorta gross. She just lied there lifeless and then asked "where is this going" like she wanted to have sex but frankly I didnt feel like fucking a zombie so I told her to drive me home. The thing is I work in the same mall as her, I dont want to hang out with her again but I will have to see her at work all the time and she is so damn stupid and she wants to go out again, I was actually thinking of telling her I was gay lol, some of you may call me a pussy for not having sex with her but if you saw how damn awkward it was then you would understand I'm sure some of you have been in a similar situation. and the thing is,. we are both 21 years old, you think by this age she would know basic intamacy and at least how to kiss somebody corectly lol

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well straight forward question, do they? I have searched for it and cannot find it. What are some online retailers that carry supreme?

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.... Ok so I goto the skatepark today its the first nice day since,. well,. last summer, and I notice something. Almost every kid who last season was wearing shirts with metal bands on them in size small, tight ass emo pants and skater shoes, with trucker hats,... are not wearing that anymore. No, now they are wearing baggy jeans,. shirts in 2xl,. nike's, LRG shirts, and fitted hats. WTF these are the same shitty skaters who were listening to metal last summer and dressing like girls,. now they are dressed like gangsters just shows you how influential the media can be. AND EVERYONE of these kids was white,. Ok there was one black kid on a bike and everyone was just being racsist to him, he pulled off a bigg 360 and this asshole just yells "number one nigro, you aint white" "who did you steal that bike from" . Just annoys me,.

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Hmm at first I liked em but the more I think about it the styles they remind me of some childish comic book stuff that isn't worth 30 dollars. I can see the same style on most childrens tee designs I like bright colours but I dont know if I want a transformer or a t-rex on my shirts,. What do you guys think? I'm undecided. [Image]

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hip hop+black people+skateboards.... ummmmmm most skateboarders are white,. most streetwear is based around hip hop (graf,funk dancin\breakin, dj's, rapping,freestyle: primarily black culture) most skateboarders listen to punk\screamo,. Why do I see so many shirts with skateboards on them? It looks extremely tacky, skateboarding was hot a few years ago,. now every kid who is eleven years old has a board,. thousands of companys sold to these kids parents, so why do street wear brands release tacky ass pictures of skateboards on tees? Maybe skateboarding is a rare thing where you guys are from,. but around here if you rocked a "skate or die" hoodie or the other memorabilia you would just be embarassing yourself,. Someone fill me in if possible.

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Because the styles are designed in Japan does it fit small? I am 6'4 and thinking of ordering the shocker track jacket and dont know if they even make their sizes long enough.

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