I was just watching this earlier. Shit made me realize how fast life can end if you're not careful enough. One moment everyone smiling, the next moment everyone's burned and dead. [Embed content] If you skip to 6:18 you could actually see someone running out the club while on fire. You can hear the people inside screaming as they burn. This is a diagram of where they found the victims. Notice how most of the victims died in a group? [Image]

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I'm sure this thread has probably been made several times already but i decided to re-up it. enjoy and contribute. [Image]

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Thinking back at the kids i met in high school, all of them were broke and poor living in the projects throughout the boroughs. Besides the hipsters that live in lofts/studios are most people in NYC broke?

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I'm from Brooklyn and 95% of hood niggas dress like this: [Image] Polo,gucci belts,true religions etc. How do your local hood niggas dress?

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Taken from another, forum lol. [Embed content]

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So i applied to the school i wanted to and had to activate my account on their site. I noticed that i picked the wrong major and clicked "change my major" option, it said that it will be processed within two days. They still haven't received my transcripts and college fee so should i have i to worry? It said that it would change within a few days so i should be good right?

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What's good HB ? I just arrived back on Earth before college starts to try the human experience so i can go back and tell all the other Namekians how great it was. The thing is, it will be my freshmen year and i'm not sure what to do yet. I would go undecided but i don't want to take useless classes. I'm starting to get into architect, i like to build houses, customize them and shit. In fact, i was going to redo Master Roshi's crib but he said no because he "loved the vintage look" [Image] But yeah, I'm not too sure about architect yet so idk what to do. Is there a major i could choose where i could take core classes and get them out of the way just for the time being?

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Who wins in terms of weather,girls,diversity etc? [Image]

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[Embed content] I bet the dude in the car was like "hold on now[Image], i dont want any trouble".

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Are the parties as crazy as they say it is? It looks like snowbunny central [Image] Any stories?

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Here's what someone said to me. I never thought about it this way but I think it makes sense. When a guy cheats, its usually with some random chick he just met and/or doesn't care about. After he hits, hes most likely never gonna speak to that chick again. When a woman cheats, she has no intention on cheating. What happens is she'll randomly meet a guy. Maybe some guy that met at work, co-worker or non co-worker. The dude would make some type of advance and she'll most likely turn him down. If she thinks the guy is attractive, of course she'll still be cool with him. They'll talk, exchange numbers, and its all innocent in her mind. She'll hang out with the guy every here-n-there but wont say anything to her boyfriend because its all innocent to her. Now sooner or later, if the dude is patient enough, they'll start messing around and smash. Now some people may say, its apples to apples because both scenarios are cheating. But I think the chick is worse because she actually likes the dude. After I heard this for the first time, I explained it to a few other people and they agree. Anyone here ever had a situation like this before?

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I was just watching this video and it reminded me of this time i was in this Chinese store listening to these dudes talk. One of the guys was like "that chit was crazy baby, come on mayne like damn" i turned around to look and it was some white dude. My mind was blown and i was like [Image] because I've never heard a white person with a hood accent. [Embed content]

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Once you've got enough money to purchase a mansion,high class cars etc. [Image] Miami, Orange County or San Diego for me.

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I was just watching this vid and i thought it was tight, i like the whole "bringing it back" retro look is has to it. [Embed content] Any other videos like this?

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