Looking for some Mezco South Park Toys:

Hello, I am looking to buy some Mezco South Park toys. I am looking for Butters and Awesom-o.

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What Video Game are You Playing

vice city

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Your favorite toys as a child?

pee wee tongueface

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Your favorite toys as a child?

thunder cats, then TMNT

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Paper Craft

I used to do them all the time, I especially loved doing low af1's. At one point when the Mars IV released I also made a custom Air Jordan IV, though I never quite finished doing it. I needed help from someone who had Photoshop experience to clean out some imperfections. Other than that the model I did was sexy, in shape and detail. But anyways if you have PS experience and are willing to work together with me on a pair of Jordans, pm me. I'll have to start from the beginning though.

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Gundam Model Kits

nice stuff everyone

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Kid Robot - Futurama

I need to get some of these

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Intro 2 Toy Collecting

in Toronto, Canada we have a channel called "space" and a show called Hypaspace they did an episode about vinyl toys [URL] check out links, and look for others on youtube.... they should give you a good idea what its all about...

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Sole collector?

I have an extra copy if any one is interested, mint condition

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