Jersey received~ Nice seller! Good to deal with!

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[WTB] SUPREME AFI any colour, sz 8 Please PM Thanks

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[Quote] Which shop in Holland?

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been here for a long time~~

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Hi~ I'm interested in the CDG shirts, how much shipped to HK? hit me up on Thanks

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A shop name: 7 half floor Shop 41 B, President Mall, 527-537 Jeff Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. C if u need any help.

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Hey, wed is ok for going out at nite, go to LKF in central, there are some clubs like the HeiHei, Haha, Sugar, Volar, Club No.9. All of them are cool. For tha custom tailor, I think u can find a suitable one in most of the central business building, like the Princess building, and some hotel nearby. But depends on the price range u are looking for. There are still many choices.

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