Well what about White on White AF1? You'll look clean and you won't be over-matchin, if you have Halloween shoes and hoodie, might look a bit like a clown with all that orange.

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I've never broken any arms but this was pretty bad. I once had to have my tooth taken out as a kid and they injected not one, but TWO needles to numb my gum (.....) and those things had the power of an Apollo rocket. If you say "scared of needles? pussy!" this was a foot long and injected into my friggin gum. TWICE,

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[Quote] Jesus I thought I was the only one, I don't mind nice weather but I hate freaking boiling temperatures that when you go out for 5 minutes your sweating like crazy. And mate, if you hate the sun or daylight, you need to get out more man.

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I chilled in Sydney for about 6 months, but right now im living permanently in Brisbane

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Wow I cannot agree with you guys more. I lived in California till I was in 10th grade, and my parents decided to go to Australia due to political reasons, Australia has more health care, more jobs, etc. When I came here the first thing I thought was GAY? I mean I come in with my "American style" or just style compared to australia, and everyone here in wearing outside what I would pretty much sleep in. Thongs, barefoot, short above their kneecaps, 5 year old faded shirts.. Style is dead here. I wish I was back in the West Coast.. P.S I find it funny how everyone here is white, just saying

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