Has anyone here been fired badly? I got fired last night because I never wear uniform and I was really hung over at work and some ladys application took like 90 minutes to put through. PS I worked in a mobile phone place.

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I dont really care whether its "streetwear" or high fashion ish. Thanks

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Good books to read?

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Enlighten me

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[URL] What do you guys think about Rittenhouse denim? Just coped a pair abit baggier than i would like if i just soak the legs will they tighten up abit? Thanks People

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What im propsoing here is people share essays reports and such because alot of us are in high school/college it is what it is if you dont like this idea because of being righteous thats cool

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Can you guys please fill this out asap thanks you greatly peace

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Free Chilly [URL] I cant belive that lupe would be involved That would just be the defintion of hypocricy

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Does anybody here surf or bodyboard??

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Just a thought man

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Question for my fellow Beasters Scenario, If say theres a not so attractive girl but you can easily fuck the shit out of her do you do it or do you do it cause you need some and you dont care till afterwards stories are appreciated?? peace

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Proxy's for like myspace from school/work does anybody have them??? everything is blocked at my school

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I need to now for schools sake if you could answer that would be great How and possibly why did you get into sneakers and the whole culture what attracts you??

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I coped a pair of futura black jeans how do i shrink them there a little to big around the legs(knees in particular) thanks

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Personally i know i feel the pressure of (im a senior)school/what im going to do in my life just wondering if you all do peace

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