I have the 6th pick...do you guys thing i can pick up Calderon in the fourth round in a 14 team league? i would be picking him at 48th pick in a point scoring system i would be picking dwight howard first. then taking jefferson or Danny Granger as my second pick. any comments?

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I got some white on white's I got a size 10 white on white dunk lows. They were released in 2002 i have two extra pairs i usually use them for custom jobs. will sell them for $175. They have grained leather on them too not like the shit white leather they put on them now adays. Its a steep price but you are taking my last 2 pairs for my customs! PM if really intereted

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My top 3 picks for each position. Point Guard: CP3 Deron Nash Shooting Guard: Kobe Wade Iverson Forward: Lebron Marion Igoudala Power forward: Nowitzki E.Brand Bosh Center: D.Howard Jefferson Yao Who would be your top 3 for picks for each position? Anyone want to start a hypebeast NBA Fantasy since we're on the topic? im too lazy....lmao

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[Quote] Correct me if im wrong but i doubt you'll find them with out the rape pricing unless you get a hook up from a friend. IMO

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^ thats hilarious.... i agree with the dude above me!

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Anybody play it yet? have it. Any comments...reviews or thoughts? I got it. and i thought its pretty good. Ive never played and of the other ones from the past and i find it different copared to all other first person shooters. I give it an 8/10.

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PeezieCP4 on PSN I got COD4 MGS4 GTA4 Brothers in arms:Hell's highway

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i wanted the xbox cause most of my friends have it and multiplayer with them. about 6 or 7 of them have the xbox and only one has a ps3 as well. but in terms of what the xbox can do for music and movies its all the same i guess. ive played halo lots of times and i personally find COD4 better for online on the 360. Thanks for all your help.

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Brothers in arms hells highway for PS3. its pretty good but not the same as any other first person shooter. gotta use tactics.

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What is the deifference between the two? like what can the playstion do that the xbox cant. I currently have a playstation 3. and im thinking about getting a xbox 360... but i was curious what are the benefits of me getting an xbox. will it hold music to play, can it also play dvd's...any others??? please help.

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Is the fit on these the exact same? Cause i wear a 10 in the highs. But then in Nike SB dunks i wear a 10 also in highs but in the Nike SB lows i wear a 10.5. The reason why i am asking is i plan on buying the Jordan 1 low PHAT but not sure what size to get since it has the extra padding in it. will it even matter if with the extra padding? ive seen pitures and doesnt look so padded though. Please advise.

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Dude on spadina in those places where they sell plain AAA shirts that people print on. some of those stores also carry their hoodies. they run for about 25 30 dollars. i wear AAA shirts for my blank coloured shirts and they cost me like $5 each and they're pretty good for that price.

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^ ditto Just be patient dude...

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