[URL] bought 2 pairs of jeans from him super fast shipping couldnt be any happier looking forward to more transactions in the near future thanks again

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i use a suede eraser works wonders bro [URL]

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redwing loggers not by choice

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360 for union 180s no regrets at the time i really wanted them and i had the money to spare

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went from wearing loose fitting denim with air forces to a more slim fit selvedge denim with air maxes

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i think its this one [URL]

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i use to buy sneakers from steve and barry's before thery went under they had some called crossovers that looked a little like air forces for $10

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this does not belong here belongs in the lounge section

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i got sneakers all over the house my every day beaters are kept in the coat closet i have target shelving in there they were about 12 to 16 each [Image]

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a rapist

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[Quote] likea dateline special afterthe register ring have chris hansen and camera crew pop out and bust out the fake buyer

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yes it is legal you will have to work with the city or county to gert permission to use that space for a private party and [B][U]YES, YOU CAN HAVE ALCHOL TOO[/U][/B] you will need to get a liquor license for it i know from experience that license will get you in the pocket though, its expensive

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you are looking for zahirjooma

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^i second that looks legit, but i personally wouldnt buy from there

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dont like the look of them whatsoever i hope they perform better than they look

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