Jeans have been worn a handful of times. Great condition. No washes. Asking for $120 shipped. [Image]

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As the title states, I'm in need a web designer. Please have a portfolio ready and a list of your skills on hand. PM me for more details if interested and we can go from there. Please and thank you.

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Paramount -I'm located in the Metro Detroit area -All items are authentic -I accept PAYPAL ONLY -I don't do the "add %4" thing -Prices are pretty firm, but I'm willing to listen to offers -All prices include shipping -I ship USPS -If you have any questions or concerns please pm me Ice Cream Polo / [B]BIN: $55 Shipped[/B] -Size Large -Comes with dustbag -Only flaw is tiny hole (as pictured) [Image] (Decided to keep the Evisus)

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[b]IF YOU DON'T HAVE ANY MONEY...[/b] blushing [Image]

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[b]IF YOU DON'T HAVE ANY MONEY...[/b] blushing [Image]

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Item:Claw Money Gazelle Sunglasses (White/Purple) Condition:VNDS Price:$200 Shipped OBO (Retail $250.00) Payment Methodtonguefaceaypal (No 4%) (I do accept MOs and concealed cash but seeing as we don't have feedback anymore, I'd prefer paypal.) Shipping Method:USPS 2-3 day shipping Trades: Not looking for trades but I will trade for a Nintendo Wii (I will add cash also) About me: I am legit. I've sold things on this forum back when we first had a marketplace. Pictures: [Image] Additional Info:This colorway is the rarest & most sought after pair (and the dopest colorway) out of all the other colors. This colorway is sold out in most places if not everywhere. If you have a question about anything, just shoot me a PM and I will answer your question to the best of my knowledge. [URL]

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Just post your e-mail, so I can send you an invite. Sign up to this "paypal-similar" website and they put $25 in your account. It take roughly 5 minutes to sign up. 5 minutes of your day=$25 You do the math...

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will be out soon blushing lol, but heres a snippet of that song "Twenty Thousand" (The song that was at the end of the "Pusha's Response to Lil Wayne" video.) [Image] [URL]

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Superhead is at it again...sorry if already post [URL] smh!*if you go to link you might feel somewhat homo*!smh Discuss...

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in they're car? I'm tryna upgrade to this... [URL] but where the fudge could I get a box like that?!?! Or does anybody have any suggestions on what I should get?

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If you're lookin for one, buy mines (come with a lot of accessories) and buy the jeans too while your at it blushing [URL]

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mods delete if is has been but... Young Scrape - "BAPE" [URL] WTF is this guy thinknin coming at Pharrell, Kanye, and Lupe (as well as anyone who wear bape/bbc/ice cream) (Jadakiss, Clipse, etc.) thoughts?

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How to reverse a payment until you recieve your item (in other words reverse the transaction) Thanks

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because i find this shit to be highly hilarious [URL] *dies of laughter*

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