one is white, the others are brown

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breh sent pics of his dick to a transgender model. smh, he had kylie link: [Image]

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mods: I apologize and have drunk my bleach in advance for not posting this in the Looking For/Where to Find thread, but that shit is dead, and this question is relatively general so it can probably help others I'm looking for t-shirts (online) similar to this [Image]

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Deciding between these two watches, need some insight. Please don't recommend other watches! Trust me, I've looked at them all. Between the Weekender and the Easy Reader, which is better? They're relatively similar, but with some distinct differences - I can't decide which one to get. Do any of you own either of these watches?

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Hey guys! Finally selling these items that have been sitting in my closet. I have a good rep (check out my thread by searching my name) and I'm pretty easy to deal with. All prices are FIRM. If you offer less or try to trade me, I won't respond. I keep my tees in tip-top condition by folding perfectly then sealing them in Ziploc bags. SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED Black Supreme KAWS Box Logo Tee (M) - SOLD Grey Supreme Sunrise Tee (F/W 2012) (M) - SOLD USA Snapback (S/S 2012) - Worn once, 10/10 flawless - $65 Black Camp Cap (F/W 2012) - SOLD Navy Mishka Jurassic Button Up (Spring 2012) (Small) - DS (tried on and been in my closet since), 10/10 flawless - $88 (retail) You guys know how rare this piece is. Have fun trying to find another one. [Image]

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Speaks for itself. Red Supreme USA snapback. Deadstock (10/10). Mint condition. $65 + shipping (typically about $7, give or take depending on where you live) [Image]

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Bruh randomly pmed me, i swear this is legit Revs can you IP ban please???? thanks [Image]

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ok so i was walking to the bus stop and some dude came up to me and he was saying stuff about this brand new society he wants to make up so that he can rule the world, anyway i knew he was completely strung out and gone right. i pull out a bottle of mustard from my portable mazda miata and hand it to him. Then he pulled out a glock went up to this red car, got in and i never saw hm again. a close look in the mirror is the first step of a doctors recommended at-home self-examination

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This shit is fucking crazy. I was here with my Dad back in 2007, who woud have been running again this year if it weren't for his knee. Whoever did this needs to pay. "BOSTON - Two explosions at the finish line of the Boston Marathon have resulted in injuries.Bloody spectators were being carried Monday to the medical tent that had been set up to care for fatigued runners. Police wove through competitors as they ran back toward the course. "There are a lot of people down," said one man, whose bib No. 17528 identified him as Frank Deruyter of North Carolina. He was not injured, but marathon workers were carrying one woman, who did not appear to be a runner, to the medical area as blood gushed from her leg. A Boston police officer was wheeled from the course with a leg injury that was bleeding. About three hours after the winners crossed the line, there was a loud explosion on the north side of Boylston Street, just before the photo bridge that marks the finish line. Another explosion could be heard a few seconds later." [URL]

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Women are so damn hypocritical. I see stupid fucking pictures like this [Image] Funny part is I actually know of some shit like this. My sister's friend fucked a guy and regretted it the next day because she thought (yes these are the actual words): "He might be grimy." She then told her parents and filed a police claim that she was raped. Like what the fuck? Bitch if you said YES you said YES. I realize you can't legally give consent when drunk, but the guy is also drunk 95% of the time. Laws should be changed. Feminism bothers me.  And as a final disclaimer, I do not condone rape, but some of this shit sounds too weird to be true. /end rant

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Got 3 messages from this bish I think she want it "cynthia2013 Mar 16, 2013 Hi,Good Day!! My name is Miss.cynthia Dion, I saw your profile today at ( And was moved and become interested in you, I will like you to send me an email to my address ( so that i can give you my pictures for you to know whom i am. I believed we can move from here? Remember colour or distance does not matter but love matters allot in life). Reply me back with my email address ( Hope to hear from you soon. yours Miss cynthia Dion." What y'all think? This Miss cynthia Dion sounds real nice. I need sum pics [Image]

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Let's get this straight. My price is NOT negotiable. I want $40 and shipping. Add %4 if paying goods. Here's my feedback: I need this sold now. I'm (hopefully) buying a car, and I'm liquidating some things. I've NEVER worn or even tried on this shirt. It has been double bagged ever since I bought it from Supreme. It is a size medium. [Image]

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Looking for those mini Supreme x CDG stickers. Preferrably black. If you have more than 1, I'd like to buy half a strip of two colors if possibly. [Image] Thanks.

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Damn RIP. Too young to die. [URL] Trying to embed the video. Not working.

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