I saw Naked & Famous on The Hundreds blog circa 2009, went out and bought a pair. Weird guys are great for an intro into raw denim, if you get on Gilt you can usually find them on there for $90ish. They're sanforized, which means the denim is pre-shrunk prior to making the jeans - they'll stretch out after wearing, but they won't shrink much, if at all, smaller their original size. If you go with something unsanforized to start, go to a shop that knows denim, they can help you with estimating how much a pair will shrink.

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[Quote]I'm 6'2" 180lb, 32" waist, and used to wear N&F Weird guys, but those seemed to sag a little more than I always liked; I'm pretty sure it was because those are more of a mid-rise denim. I tried on a pair of Tellason Ladbroke Grove (high rise) and immediately loved the fit. I have had those for roughly 5 months and they've held up fairly well, except the hem on the one ankle is starting to come undone in one spot. Might have been my doing...but sorta sad that happened. Also, the back pockets are a little deeper than most denim, but I still love these jeans.

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[Quote]I always chuckled reading the name of the N&F "Black Power Stretch" denim. I would just go to the weird guys...not technically skinny jeans but close enough.

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Greetings from the Midwest, Anyone know of newer bands that sound like Champion? I've been so out of touch with the scene because shows out here are a total popularity contest.

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www.legion-goods.com Pretty sure we're the Midwest's only SSUR & Fuct retailers, we also have Youth Machine if you're into that. Check the site for the full list. EDIT: Oops, didn't see that post above.

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I don't have a messenger, but I've got a Filson tin cloth briefcase and absolutely love it. I had some cheap computer bag before this one and used it for at most 2 years and it was falling apart. The craftsmanship on this Filson bag looks like it's going to hold up for a good 10 years.

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[Quote]I've got a pair, they wear in just like any of their denim does. I'd recommend buying the same size as you would in denim. (I've got a couple pair of N&F Weird Guy denim as well, they're all consistent with the fit)

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[Quote]Looks like a Been Trill rip

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[Quote]Site is down...

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