Hey guys, can anyone help me out here?  My cousin ordered a camp at Supreme on November 21st and still hasn't received it.  He tried emailing using their email address and the contact form on the website but still no reply from them.   When he tracks the order through UPS it says that it's still "Order Processed: Ready for UPS" (label created date is November 25, 2013).  He phoned UPS and they told him that a label has been made, but no pickup/ delivery on Supreme's end so he'd have to contact Supreme.  Can anyone help on what he can do?  His CC has been charged already and he ordered from Supreme numerous times and had successful deliveries.

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Hi all, I got a bunch of stuff for sale. Shirts are size LARGE. PM only, no trades, cash only. [Image] Converse x Schott Navy Leather Jackets Cond. brand new, never worn size: 10US $200

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Will you be receiving the Converse Jack Purcell Moccasin Hi's online?? Thanks

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will you guys get the white leather pair of the Schott NYC x Converse Chuck's?

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any shops in toronto that sells neighborhood jeans?

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milo & friends hoody is sickblushing

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the roots-what you want

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Biggie & Tracey Lee-Keep Your Hands High

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Toronto =D [Quote] really?? i don't notice and i live around there

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i saw this guy at my school with a baby milo tee...the swimming one. looked legit to me oh, fairview mall sells fape also...can't remember what the store was called though...some urban store.

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