[Quote] my mistake in using the term "real hip-hop" it was a poor choice of words just as lupe shouldnt say hip-hop as a whole is dying.. but there is much less diversity in the mainstream then there used to be.. throughout history there has always been many strong lyricists on the mainstream .. common, jay-z, nas, lupe, em, kanye, ll cool j, wu-tang, etc. .. butt u cant listen to the same artists your entire life ..it gets old .. and it looks like there will be less lyricists to turn to in the future because of how the mainstreams being overrun by new club music.

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mainstream hip hop is changing but not like it has throughout the 80s and 90s..its changing to the point where it doesnt even fit the definition of hip-hop anymore. Artists such as T-pain, souljaboy, and even lil wayne are making club songs that barely contain rhmyes or meaning. I, like Lupe, am not a fan of this new, dance, club hip-hop and i know that the old, poetic, rhythmic hip-hop will fade with time so in essence real hip-hop is dying.

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[Quote] i fully agree with everything you say on both nas and jay except for the part about jay working harder than nas.. jay gave the people what they wanted ..dope beats that didnt rely on phenomenal lyrics.. this is why his bank account >>> Nas's.. it doesnt mean he worked harder it just means the peoples demands ruled in favor of Jay

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Green Day - Good Riddance Bill Withers - Lean On Me Babyface - nobody knows it but me Nas - I Can Tupac - Changes Pete Rock & CL Smooth - T.R.O.Y

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Fight Club ..for about the 100th time.. gets better each time

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new episode was dopee, still cant believe that the skinner didnt turn out to be a main character like antawn or quinn. . next week looks even better cant wait

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in my opinionn macs cost way too much moneyy .. i just bought a toshiba laptop with 3gb ram 160 hd and intel dual core 2.0 GHz all for $400 .. it depends on what your priorities are

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i don't see why it wouldn't workk.. definitely won't work at smoothness or speed of an x16 tho

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Wayne used to be one of the best up to the carter II, but everything after that fell down fasttt.. i cant sit through the whole first minute of a new wayne song.. drake has potential i think he can blow up big if he doesnt follow wayne's route

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One Mic The Message Small World

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