well.. im group 1.. but ill be 15 in a month. so i put group 2

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[Quote] co-sign

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[Quote] Agreed>smh

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[Quote] YES.. but lupes are amazin too..

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look up sum stores in your area at bbcicecream.com

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khaki for shure

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[Quote] co-sign... but sum of there stuff like jus plain logos are quite nicesmokeyface

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niceeeee i used the supreme 1 >smh

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well he knows how to design sum wicked clothes.. but damn.. hes one ogly dude.. he looks like a beat up gieco gecko

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well.. tommorow is the last official day of summer.. then its considered just a long weekend.. ne1 wanna go.. cant wait? share ur thoughts

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[Quote] lmao..>smh ..thats gangstasmokeyface

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yo man.. sumtimes u can get beat round here for wearin too much red or like wearin a custom af1 with bandana.. but u kno its all dum

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>smh [Quote] co sign

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yo man.. i agree.. go buy sum cheap es or circa..

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man this sounds like a grocery store.. but yeah.. its just the moisture

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