I had to settle down and purchase some 574's.  [Image]

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Women don't like Hypebeasts.

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I only do a mix. I've been on a long break due to breaking my hand. I only just got my splint off. I wouldn't mind a physique like Timbaland but maybe just a little less. I just got a treadmill so that'll keep me active throughout although I do need to watch what I'm eating once I start back up.

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[Quote]Never said I wasn't, and honestly fuck those charts. I'm not talking about weight only, if I drop down to 200 lbs and I'm still 5'7 sure, according to that chart I would be fat but people tend to forget that any amount of weight loss or weight gain (if anyone is underweight) could be a huge change in their health. The chart may be right but fuck it, as long as my cholesterol isn't through the roof, my blood pressure is steady, and my heart isn't planning on stopping in the next few years then I'm fine with that. There are many other things that could factor to someone being unhealthy besides weight.

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I'm around 265 lbs but I'm at the point of strong fat lol. I do have more muscles/definition than the average 200+ pound chubby American, my height at 5'7 isn't helping much though. It's funny how others view bigger people as incapable of doing complicated physical tasks, as long as you're somewhat healthy EX blood pressure and other things besides weight you should be fine as long as long as you take the efforts to actually keep blood pressure and some cholesterol low. I don't wish being overweight on anyone, good job OP. One thing - you should definitely lift so that you can have more muscle on your frame, if you are already then good

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[Quote]The House Centipede doesn't bite but I think they fuck up clothes so hide your Supremes lol

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I've been killing centipedes since I was little. [Image] A tip: Smash it as fast as you can so you won't have to hear the legs crunching, also keep tissue around to wipe up straggling legs.

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BART isn't bad really but I stick to MUNI and SAMTRANS most of the time since I don't really have a reason to ride it sometimes.

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My best friend is the flakiest person in the world but after a while I started to notice, If his bitch ass doesn't want to hang with me then fuck it I have other shit to do and other things to take care of. OP, if you're hanging with flaky people, don't take your time to plan things with them, if they don't want to contact you on their own then fuck them and do what you have to. Simple etiquette and thoughts really, and I know what you mean making this thread and the title is somewhat true but it seems like you're hurt about them leaving you in the cold..

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Good, I hate that bullet head prick.

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"An evolution"............................ This idiot, talks about the dislikes on his APC Kayne video then says he doesn't care. If you don't care then don't mention it. Also, this guy probably isn't bringing in that much money from youtube videos.

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Infatuations with clothing can lead to over expectations on how you perform socially.  It's hard to say you've never been depressed a single time in your life. If you take the problems that you have been having EX: not eating the same, not talking to the people you love to hang out with much, and breaking a normal routine, those are symptoms of depression, you may ignore it but it's there. You're completely right about the people on here. People tend to think that they're completely acceptable in a social environment while they're scrolling around Facebook liking post's and feel as if they're posts on the front page and in other parts of this forum contribute to a good part of society. When you get fixated on that you tend to lose touch with how your life truly is and when you also see images of people on Instagram in the typical party or "feelgood" picture you question what you have.  This can apply to ANYONE using forums daily, even me but I just came to except that life isn't exactly one long party, and you have to work socially and physically to achieve something like that. I hope some of you do get some help, medication ECT before it's too late, and symptoms and problems get worst.I let my OCD get out of control because I was afraid to admitting to the doctor my problems and it haunted me through High school and a problem that could have been fixed when I was younger may be irreversible.

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[Embed content] That last guy felt like a fucking fool after that.

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Only deodorant. [Image] The best.

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I don't watch this show.

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