[Quote] i jus ordered a wind couple days ago. its coming in 2marrow. netbooks arent made to be a powerhouse work station. but they are pretty capable. i ran adobe cs3 on my 1.4ghz gateway with 1gb ram(max). the wind has an atom 1.6 that is factory capable to be overclocked close to 2.0ghz and has max ram of 2gigs.

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it'll be fine. just as long as you dont bend over.

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[Quote] you selling or is that what the other person is selling for? thats cheap! and its the 16gb version. even used/new iphone 2g's are going for around $200+ on ebay

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a lot of people wanted a design change and front facing cam. i wanted multitasking but that can be done if jb'd with updated backgrounder app. and it'll prob work better on 3gs if the ram is at least double. also there are a lot of people who have iphones that are on other carriers like tmobile who cant use the 3g because of different frequencies and the new features of the 3gs isnt good reason enough to upgrade.

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i was hyped for nothing. i'd get a pre if i wasnt on a gsm network. i currently have a 2g with tmobile. i guess my upgrade will be to the regular iphone 3g.

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i want the pre but i cant stand moving parts like sliding keyboards. always ends up loose. the new webos is the shit tho. cant wait to see palms future webos devices.

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dang. that ufc game would be so tite on this. i'd take fedor down and hump his leg.

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[Quote] thats probally bcuz of low memory. you either were listening to music and using other apps and/or you havent rebooted your touch to free some memory.

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im brown. i might get arrested for wearing somthing that suspicious looking on my wrist

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i actually like the g1. the white makes a big difference. the black and bronze/copper ones look cheap. the g1 jus had the cupcake update. there is also supposed to be a newer g1 coming around july and also the other htc android device around the same time [URL]

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whats the cheapest data plan you guys have up there? im on t-mobile in the states and use a $5.99/month unlimted data plan with my iphone. you might be able to get an 'non' iphone plan and make it work with the iphone

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i have a iomega prestige 500gb from bestbuy for around $70. also have a wd mybook 720gb from best buy for $90. i prefer the iomega bcuz of its brushed aluminum casing. has an off/on switch unlike the wd mybook. are you looking for flash based or physical? i dont like ordering hard drives online. but best buy, walmart, sometimes staples..always have sales on their hard drives. make sure you read the reviews. i found that it doesnt matter what brand external drive you buy, most people complained about the drive failing after an average of 1-3 years of use.

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if u dont have a problem paying the price of the itouch. then get the touch. some of the features with wifi and additional features of some added apps might come in handy once in a while. get the nano of u really dont care too much about the other stuff and jus wanna play music and want something smaller.

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it will. and it looks like it does it flawlessly with little to no lag.

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for $100-$200? nothing really worth it unless u can find used in that price range. although not sure cuz i stopped making beats along time ago. i had the em-1 and used it more for hiphop but the sounds u can make from it was more like dance/house/trance and breaks. have u looked at the korg es-1? jus like the em and er-1's but an actual sampler. u got the usual 16 step sequencer. and i think the same sound editing that the er-1 has. i remember wanting that instead of the em-1 but when it first came out it was like $500-$600 i think ebay has em for around $200

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