The new Gap's feel just like any other "raw/rigid" cheapo jeans. If you're getting gap, you gotta get lucky and fine a pair of early 21st century 1969's (before they turned all their Gap jeans to '1969') used. They were "Made in Italy" with hidden rivets, super thick/hairy denim, and a serial number for each pair. IIRC you had to size down two.

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[Quote] Describe them a bit more - I have a shop that carries "elephant" denim N&F 21oz. I don't know much about this brand so fill me in and we'll talk.

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Those aren't "slim straights." They are Straight Leg's.

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Possible to see some inside pocket pics? What's the waist measurement for the 30x34?

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Slim fit's still avail?

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Do these jeans have hidden rivets? Also, pics of the inside pocket to confirm and I will buy.

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More pics of the levi's please.

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