Always Sunny in philly  just went up peep show FLCL

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stop fapin & porn work out Start simple conversations throughout your normal day Get enough sleep every night 8 hrs > 6, weekends sleep in if you can. Other than that don't worry about to much and don't try to hard. Good advice throughout this thread. If you try to make drastic changes you can kind of freak yourself out. Sounds like you got it though

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sites are saying this is a scam. Honestly i think some Romney fan had something to do with it considering how much the article slammed obama just in time for the election

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shit is mainstream still this is awesome

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solo play is fun im trying to jump online add me if you got a mic gt: DropTheMerc Aslo any of yall did the ninja turtle pizza side mission yet? Halfway through the fight i realized im fighting the ninja turtles

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Yo can someone please help me out. I've been looking for that NBA 2k kobe video where he stands in the middle of the court with his arms out like jesus for two days. Drop this here [Embed content]

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^Agree with all this. Didn't start smoking till 17 I'm 21 now. A lot of my friends who would smoke 3-4 times a day everyday always have some big epiphany and tell everyone "I'm a giant stoner its fucking up my life I'm quitting forever" then they are back on it in a week. All about moderation if weed is getting old and becoming not fun then cut back it all depends what you have to do that week/month. Summertime sometimes I'll be smoking everyday then school starts up and I'll realize I haven't smoked in 2 weeks. My point is no definitive statements about getting lifted need to be made. Got a big boy job and can't be smoking like you used to? that's cool you have your priorities straight just don't write it off for all time.

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[Quote] lol the opposite i've been playing halo mlg settings since halo 2. I'm a huge halo fan and I kinda hate COD i just forgot to put it up there as overrated. It is fun but you can find me playing reach mlg playlist all day with the other tryhards

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lots of hate, have yall played hardcore? Game gets boring as fuck after a week but hardcore saved d3 for me. Feels like playing an arcade game trying to beat it on a single quarter. So many fun moments and close calls. RIP MilaKunis 56 DH. Finally hit 60 and beat hell w/ my monk now im lvling my witch AlexMorgan. can't even touch softcore anymore

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everyone loves to hate halo. h3 is overrated but you can't say reach is overrated. everyone hates reach for a bunch of reasons and people say it killed halo but jetpacking is real fun and without bloom it plays well. gears puts me to sleep fallout + elder scrolls puts me to sleep Red dead puts me to sleep. gt4 was fun for a while madden is overated

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highschool was fun as hell. junior in college now. also fun as hell. i wouldn't say one is more fun than the other, just different. highschool is fun because u have no responsibility can dick around all day with ur friends, go to school blazed and still get good grades. college is more stressful u have to man up and be responsible for ur work, but you are free to ball out get wasted on mondays and do whatever u want whenever. lots of kids go to hard their first year and dont come back. go hard as fuck party wise just be smart about it. study hard party hard /rant

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samurai champloo got added to netlflix instant a couple days ago, watchin it for the 3rd time. also any of yall have any insight on: Casshern sins Darker than black Claymore they are all on netflix instant casshern and darker looked cool. some random guy recommended claymore. haven't watched any yet. also taking recommendations for other mature-ish actiony animes on netflix instant

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fifa 12 looks sick. First fifa i'll have paid for since fifa 05. I think they are getting pretty close to perfection fifa 11 played really well can't post links yet... but youtube fifa 12 collision and listen to the chubby guy explain the new engine.

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that awkward moment when you are sitting in lecture and all the swivel seats are connected to the same desk and the dude 2 seats over is bouncing the fuck out of his leg and shaking you but he is oblivious so you give him an angry look then realize he fits the description of one of those overweight antisocial nerds that might bring a gun to school so u stop giving him an angry look. then its an hour and 15 minute class and the dudes been bouncing his leg for the past 45 minutes and is now starting to breath heavy and grunt and you realize he might be jacking off inside his pants by moving his leg so you vow to sit on the other side of the room forever. happened to me yesterday.

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trailer park boys has a bunch of seasons up. parks and rec archer man vs wild

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