Has anyone copped the mohair cardigan? In that chase could you upload a fit pic? I'm really interested in copping one but would like to see more fit pics first.

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It's a fact that about 5% of drug addicts gets successfully sober. I would not advise snitching to his parents(well maybe before they found the syringe) but rather confront him about it. And you should absolutely not call the police because that will just make the situation worse for him. They really need to want to get clean themselves. They can't just go to rehab and try to become clean because they want someone else to be happy, if they do that then they will most likely start using again. I know some friends that are into opiates, for some it's no problem but then there is this other dude who started slamming it and he has been to rehab several times but then started using. But now it finally seems like he has kicked the habit because he really worked for it. Maybe he could start on a substitution program so he can get subutex or methadone instead. Now I would suggest subutex/buprenorphine because methadone is even more addictive and dangerous and it's harder to quit because the half life is extremely long. So instead going through a hard withdrawal a couple of weeks it will be a couple of months of even harder withdrawal.

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Damn, loosing a mother can't be easy, especially if she lost a battle to cancer. I lost a close friend, that hurt alot and everyplace we used to visit reminded me of him and other things. Over the years though I have accepted it more and more and now its pretty much okay, does not hurt like it used to. I can't really give you any advice since its your mother and all, but what I think is extremly important is that you talk about it alot, if you can find one then maybe talk to a therapist. Now that is expensive in the states I suppose but maybe you can find one for free somewhere? if you are religious then talk to a priest, Imam etc Otherwise try and talk to friends. Get all those feelings out because its not healthy to keep it all pent up inside.

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fuck waiting for 2 years, Im just going to watch the sub. Gokus Japanese va isnt that bad, just alittle unusual at first but you get used to it after a while.

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Recieved my sweater yesterday!

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I don't wanna come across as a hater even though Im sure alot of kids will think that but IMO French Montana is propably the worst rapper I have heard in along time. he has not laid down a single good verse. Also everyone at the ymcmb label is whack especially lil wayne. sure at one point he released alot of songs and he might have had a few good verses but he is IMO just over hyped. Just because you make a ton of terrible songs does not make you good. And his what last 5 cd's all of them has had verses that are so bad that you laugh at them, and the cd's that people generally like by him like Carter 2 that was even ghost written! Another terrible label is mmg, I find maybe 3 songs by rick ross some what okay but generally he is just bad & has had no progress what so ever. He still raps about the same damn things we all know he just lies about. But the worst of the bunch at mmg I think is gunplay, all his songs are garbage. I mean he can't even rap! All he does is talk and try to make some versers that you know he clearly thinks are the shit. But you can clearly hear he has no flow what so ever. I think either gunplay or french Montana takes the grand prize of being the worst rappers alive. Immortal Technique & Vinnie Paz does not deserve do be mentioned here because they are great rappers & lyracilly murder the "rappers" I have mentioned.

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The money has been transferred as agreed. smokeyface

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I have agreed on buying Kr00kd's Supreme roses sweater, once he receives the money through paypal he will ship the sweater to Sweden.

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What are your guys opinion about the misfits collaboration? Im not alone thinking its pretty stupid? I mean Jerry only(the only member left who has ruined the band & its legacy) has been whoring out both the band & the misfits logo selling a ton of t-shirts from the homepage & other stores that sells metal & punk music merchandise since the beginning of 2000.

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I am looking to buy the Supreme roses sweater from F/W12 in size L, the color has to be the black one with red & blue roses. be willing to pay slightly over 200 + extra fee for shipping. This one. [Image] also I MIGHT be willing to either sell or trade the classic white with a red boxlogo t-shirt(size Large) if someone is willing to pay a price that is worth it. It cost alot to buy so I mostly just want the money back, I have worn it just for a couple of hours because I dont want to ruin it so its in really good condition like 9,5/10 If you want to trade it then I can say Im interested in other Supreme, Original Fake or Bape items(mostly hoodies or crewnecks)

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[Quote] It's funny, Brandon can dress anyway he wants. Sure he can copy celebrities styles and let his parents buy him whatever their wearing and then put on this image that he can dress(has "swag") or is really tough and cool with the way he poses but it wont get him anywhere in life. His own line of clothing will never be successful and he will never get any girl/guy to fuck because of his insecurity and the silly way he dresses. (except ofcourse if he pays a crackwhore with the money he gets from his parents). I get kind of sad for the little herb, would want to help him re-evaluate his life.

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Your welcome CrackPipeLips! Jay-bird, could not have put it better myself. Not to shit on MDMA since its awesome with the right set and setting but it shouldnt be abused! Like many other drugs its something you should treat with alot of respect. Also forgot to mention Its somewhat toxic(or is it called liver toxic in English?) so to counter this make sure you take alot of antioxidants!

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[Quote] Hahaha omg this made my day. xD

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Who the fuck takes molly to a fucking asap concert? Talk about wasting it! Comparing a stimulant to psychedelics is kind of stupid since its two completly different drugs. It would be smarter to compare molly to speed. regarding safety yes its pretty much safe but not smart to do. you use so many nerves in your brain and doing it to often could give you brain damage indeed(even if you drink c-vitamin non stop). and most who dies after taking it is due to water poisoning. But its smart to take pure molly instead of pills that could be cut with some dangerous chemicals. For the come down take lots of vitamins, particular vitamin b6 & 5-htp(wont work without b6) in the liver it will turn into serotonin and you will recover faster. or take some benzos(legal alternative valeriana root) smoking weed could be bad because doing stimulants and weed makes it easier for you to get a psychosis.

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[Quote] Listen brah, it looks like something that would fit in [URL] actually more than this one right here. fit is terrible

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