The time has come. I will be in the bay in 15 hours. Let us get this planned so we can all have a good time. I love you all. Post ideas of what to do and where to go. Let's all agree on a day and time as well. I did not include the weekend since that is during Outside Lands. I leave on the Wednesday after the weekend. Much love my friends. I can't wait to touch all of your................................................................................ hearts.

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A lot of us talk to each other everyday. We know lots of things about each others lives even though we may have never met. I really feel a connection to a lot of people I talk to everyday. I have met a couple of you, but most I have not. I genuinely care for a lot of you and would do anything I could for you guys. I am wondering if anyone of you actually feel the same way about your relationships with other members, or if you just don't give a fuck. Anyways, love you all. Thanks for everything. Without the shoutbox, I don't know. It's nice to have a place to vent and just say what I need. Thank you. <3

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I have one Bass Island ticket in hand. Selling it for the face which is $50. Need this gone so I can have money to get an Outside Lands ticket. Ticket is in hand and I will ship as soon as payment is received. I accept all forms of payment, just get the money to me and I will get the ticket to you. This show will blow your mind. Bassnectar, Lupe, and more. It will be a ridiculous all day show with lots of crazy people. Buy my ticket! LOVE. <3 <3 <3

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you are all gods. i love each one of you unconditionally.

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Some guys are 'GROW-ERS' and some guys are 'SHOW-ERS'. GROW-ERS are guys whose penis is kinda small when it's flacid and get bigger when they get erect. SHOW-ERS are guys whose penis is kinda big when it's flacid, and doesn't get much bigger when it gets erect. Which one are you?

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I will be coming to the bay on August 9/10/11 until August 16ish when I have to go to Astoria. The plan is to go to outside lands that weekend and catch music and do lots of mind-bending activities. Who is trying to meetup? I may be flying into Oakland if someone can pick me up since it is cheaper and I am guaranteed a ticket, otherwise I will try to catch a standby to SFO from Orlando. I will probably be staying in Burlingame unless someone wants to put me up. I just want to chill so let me know if you are down.

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First of all, STOP DELETING THIS THREAD. ALLOW DISCUSSIONS TO TAKE PLACE. CENSORSHIP IS WRONG. Secondly, it is not gay. Continue Discussion.

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black kids face at 0:20. lmao. [URL]

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So about 2 weeks ago my dad brought over from Iran a women he met there, his fiance. The first week I was getting to know her and things weren't bad but slowly my opinions and thoughts on the situation have changed and I do not like what is happening. She has taken the simple life me and my dad had and just totally changed everything. There are things everywhere in the house, shit is like organized to the extreme, its just so crowded and overwhelming...I hate it. Some may say its nice to have all this and have a woman (or man, doesn't matter) keeping your home clean and having food cooked, but I had a decent house and food before she was here and it was just me and my dad and all she has done was remove the comfort I had of being in my home. For the past 10 years or so I have lived in this house I always took a shower in the master bedroom. Now my dad says that I can not just walk in at 9 in the morning to take a shower in there because she is sleeping in there. NO! I will walk into that room and shower whenever I want. Now and another 10 years from now. I do not care who is sleeping in there. I will not change the way I have been doing things because some FOB woman is uncomfortable. I don't care if she is sleeping, naked, changing. I have no qualms about anything. I'm relaxed as fuck and this is BS. I will not change myself because she can't deal with how I am. I should not have to change myself for her. I am being straight up about all the events and not biased towards myself. If you guys think I am wrong then call me out, but honestly I feel like I am the one being treated unfairly. There are tons more things I can write about but it would make the post longer than it already is and most won't even read this. I miss coming home and eating dinner with my dad in front of the TV and talking about how terrible humanity is with him. I miss just it being me and my dad. And now I can't eat dinner with him in front of the TV because there is another person there and it just isn't the same. I know I can't make her just disappear so it can just be my and dad, but I can't adjust to it and I am not comfortable with it. TL;DR: My dad brought his fiance from Iran to our home. Things have changed. I am being forced to change my old habits to accustom to the new changes. I do not want to change, nor do I believe I should have to change. Am I right or wrong?

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anyone taken this class? currently taking it. i understand things in class but once i get home i totally blank out and dont know how to do anything. i definitely will get help outside of class, but was just wondering if anyone here has experience with the material? currently had this problem confuse me and i gave up for the night. integrate xe^-x its like integration by parts and i know the formula, but when i set dv=e^-x i dont know how to find the anti-derivative of that to find v and complete the formula because i already know u and du.

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all the drugs have made me stupid. i can't learn anymore. [URL]

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Safari Camp Cap Style: Black Price: $90 Shipped Buy it soon because I am leaving on Thursday and will not be back until Monday. [Image]

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So me and my friends are just outside sitting in some chairs and talking. Then all of a sudden my one friend, she yells, "a shooting star", and we all turn around and look and I see this huge blue bright flash of light, then all of a sudden zooming away at a high speed a streak of light. It was so weird. But it was definitely not a star. We all agree that we witnessed an alien spacecraft.

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Anyone ever tinyurl whack? Just enter a random string of numbers and letters after the URL and go to random links. [URL] ^^^^^^^^^^^^entered the ending randomly. lmao at the article.

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I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE to the flag of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands, one nation, UNDER god, with LIBERTY and JUSTICE for ALL.

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