Didn't mean nigger as a diss, it's just a fun word to use online but never say in person

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He meant the chick was scummy for banging a guy while still in a relationship, not because you're a nigger For you to say asian guys aren't pulling asian girls is just silly, it's pretty common This thread is just stupid, can't believe I participated with my broad generalizations

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I strongly hold the belief that it is your genes that shape- although not fully control- your destiny and life. Hypergamy, LMS, and all these other common SA phenomenons are simply a result of women (and men!) trying to achieve the best genetic combination of children. A lot of people on this forum get enraged by these phenomenons, because they are thought of "unfair", but it is simply an evolutionary mechanism to produce the best children possible. Alpha well-genetically-endowned men will be sought after by women, and they like lions will have their pick from any women they wish. If you are incredibly fortunate, you will be a child of a genetically supreme male. You'll inherit his strong hairline, broad shoulders, large musculature, strong jaw, handsome features, height, large hands wrists and feet, deep voice and intelligence. Most important of all, you will inherit his high sex drive, a trademark of good genes - your high sex drive will push you towards women and producing children, something that nature favors. For these lucky young men and women, life always turns out alright. They could grow up in absolutely broken homes, they could fail out of college, they could get a DUI, they could be a stoner in their youth, and yet, at the end of the day, all works out. The reason for this is genetically strong human has nothing to fear: he doesn't worry about what people think of his receding hairline, since he doesn't have one, courtesy of his father. She doesn't worry what people think of her small breasts or fat waist, since she has a natural hourglass figure and large breasts, courtesy of her mother. For these lucky few, life is a wild, wonderful adventure. They fully enjoy high school, college, and even life beyond, and when time comes to settle down, have children and build their careers, they are content. They have had their share of tight pussy and cool friends. Compare this closely to a the life of a genetically inferior male or female. When a genetically inferior man or woman conceives a child, the child is doomed to a poor life quality from the start. You'll inherit your early male pattern baldness, your low testosterone, your narrow shoulders, your ugly features, your acne-scared skin, your tiny muscles, your small feminine wrists and hands. A genetically inferior female is stricken by other maladies such as genetic obesity, small breasts, low estrogen, and a general homely and ugly appearance. The most important trait that a genetically inferior human has is a low sex drive. Have you ever notice how alpha males and females tend to have high sex drives, and actually DESIRE at a sexual level the opposite sex? Actually WANT to have sex with them, instead of merely fulfilling their sexual release through masturbation and internet pornography? Now notice a beta male and female. They don't actually possess a sex drive, and merely engage in sex due to societal pressure. They don't actually want to have sex with the opposite gender any more than masturbation. Simply put, libido is very low. Perhaps the most important feature of an genetic alpha male/female is the ability to "trust yourself". They have a deep inner confidence, because they have no excuse to fail - they don't have a crutch to rely on like beta males ("if only my hairline wasn't such shit, if only I wasn't so skinny, why oh why do I have acne"). This frees a genetic human, since it occurs to them "Why am I avoiding this? Theres no reason I can't attract people of the opposite sex or be successful, I'm a strong, handsome tall man with a great hairline, I have all the TOOLS FOR SUCCESS". Of course this is subconcious, but it affects them all the same. With this thought in mind, take a look at the difference of quality of life between a genetic inferior human and superior one (I'll use men since most posters here are male and can relate). A genetically well-endowed male will have many friends growing up, have his parents fawning over him, excel in sports, and have a great, complete high school experience full of girls, sports, and drugs. He will most likely attend a "cool" college, where he will have one of the greatest times of his life, the fabled "college experience", full of joining the best fraternities on campus, going to bars each weekend, and having sex with beautiful college girls almost every day, while raging hard on the weekends with blow, alcohol and weed. After college, he'll fight his way up the corporate ladder to some succesful position, overcoming his earlier disadvantage of going to a bad (but cool) college because simply put people naturally respect genetically prime humans and want to be around them/see them succeed. He will marry a pretty woman who also has genes, a subconcious evolutionary decision. His children will resemble him and her, and likely be popular, good-looking, athletic and succesful. They will actually love their parents, because how could they hate someone who allowed them to win the genetic lottery? Once again, their parents gave them all the tools needed for success and happiness - a set of good genes. A genetically inferior male? He will grow up skinny and small, weak and pasty and ugly. He will not have many friends, and will spend the majority of his childhood playing video games with his other nerdy, genetically inferior friends. He will not have sex with girls in high school, although due to his low sex drive he won't really feel the need to. He will most likely attend a small, smart college where the kids don't party and will miss out on his "college experience", something that he will regret for his entire life. He will miss out on the chance to party, have copious amounts of sex, and in general enjoy the one time in his life with no responsibilities. He will marry a plain girl who doesn't possess the best of genes, but society's "everyone gets married" pressure will get the best of him. His children will likely resemble him - ugly, weak, beta, and plagued with genetic problems like fatness, baldness, and asthma. They will not be popular, always just a "friend" and never a "lover". They will secretly hate their father and mother for leaving them this awful genetic curse, this doom from the day they were born that is as intrinsic to them as their own souls - the DNA within their cells.  How tragic it is to see a genetic inferior male attempt to "beat" the curse of bad genes. You'll see them in the gym, attempting to lift heavy weights in order to improve their tiny musculature, doing wrists curls to increase the size of their pathetic 6 inch wrists. They'll take hairloss drugs to slow down piebalding, which will occur in their late teens/early 20s, far earlier than their "normal" alpha male counterparts who even those predisposed to balding will maintain NW1 hairlines until 35-40. They'll wear glasses for their myopia, and even take Melanotan to tan their pale, fast-wrinkling skin. What an atrocity it is for a genetically inferior male to disguise his weak genes through plastic surgery - imagine the look of horror on his wife when she realizes her children are genetically inferior from her husbands weak disguised genetic code. We are born the same and die the same, but what we do in between is vastly different and determined by the very STRUCTURE of us- our DNA. In closing, do you have good genes? You should prepare yourself for a life of fun, sex, and success. If you fall, don't worry, you have no excuse to fail and all the tools for success, simply pick yourself up and "work harder". Do you have bad genes? You should prepare yourself for a life of struggle, anguish, frustration, and in general failure. Everything will not "work out" for you without extreme effort, and any girl you happen to have sex with will be a fluke rather than raw sexual attraction. You cannot change this. Your DNA is ironclad, locked within your cells in a space so tiny that even the most powerful microinjectors cannot pry apart the DNA strands. Your life, your being, the very "you" is shaped from the day you were born. And the curtain falls and the stage goes dark. Such, gentlemen, is life. It is not fair, it is not right. It simply is what is.

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That's why you shouldn't get worked up over a girl... EVER. Wait until you see her with no makeup on and I mean absolutely 0 make up on and then you can judge. Don't ask a girl if she's wearing makeup or not too because a lot of them will lie and say they don't have any on but they just have less than what they would normally wear.

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People usually stick with their own race, it's not exclusive to asian or black people I used to get weird looks from people hanging out with black people, indians and middle eastern people I should stop with the generalizations though, I think I took things too far

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[Quote]It's not ignorance, it's seeing the world the way it truly is whether you like it or not. People are still incredibly racially prejudiced, people still stick to their own kind and certain ethnic groups are ostracized in certain parts of the world. Marriage is almost never about true love. That's just what the hollywood movies tell you to make you feel better about yourself. It's about money, resources and status. Unfortunately, white people are seen as high status virtually everywhere especially in Asia. It's not ignorance, that's just the world we live in. You're asian so it's hard for you to see things objectively but this is really how the world works. 36% of asian women are marrying outside of their race, the highest of all races/genders. Could be worst though, you could be a black woman or indian. They have it WAY worst.

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Most people think all muslims are terrorists and scum Hell if you even look remotely middle eastern, you're labeled as such

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[Quote]It depends on the city, I know in Cali, NY, Toronto and Vancouver it might be common but it's not so common everywhere else

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[Quote]Asian stereotypes: Good: - Great family background - Smart - Excel in school - Make good money Bad: - Small cock - Short - None attractive facial features - Bad drivers Despite all the good qualities, asian males are still one of the least successful groups Just goes to show what's really important for women And I'm not white nor do I worship white people but it's pretty evident that most women want white men because of the status it gives their children and widely accepted facial features which are considered beautiful universally.  Such is life boys

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[Quote]Those atmos air max 1's are one of my favorite sneakers of all time but you seriously made them look like shit

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I've honestly only seen an asian guy with a non asian woman a handful of times and I've lived in several big cities  Maybe they just stay indoors and watch anime most of the time

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[Quote]You look so uncomfortable in your clothes

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What a world we live in where a girl can make more than a doctor, pharmacist or surgeon by walking around car shows half naked

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I hate it when guys say "oh you're just not looking in the right places" or "you'll find good women out there" because the truth is most women fucking suck. Most men fucking suck too but that's for another topic. Let's say that 5% of women didn't suck but 100% of men were competing for that 5%, what would happen to the 95%? Do they just roam the earth never being in a relationship with that someone in that 5%?

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