Pm me [Image]

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Like the title says; i'd like to buy it.. [Image] cheers

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Hi HB weeks ago i shipped a bape jacket to a guy in france called yestyle on hypebeast, but i can't find him anymore, it's like hi has blocked me? I have his name and everything, but the thing is he didn't want the jacket anyway, and i was cool with that as long as he payed for the shipping back, and then i would give him his money back, and so i did. But i haven't heard a word from him since i gave him the money back... What can i do please heeeeelp

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Selling my heat Diamond Supply Un-polo L/S tee - 9/10 condition sz medium- 60$ [Image]

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Im looking for any of these in L-XL. pm me! [Image]

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[Image] For more photos: -325$ A Bathing Ape 1st Camo Rain Jacket 9/10 in condition. Add 5$ for International postage.

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how do i delete a thread?

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